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WHS student wins artistic honor

Ariel Hodge with her art which earned her the Regional Winner of the Ohio Governor’s Youth Art Show.

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Wilmington High School student Ariel Hodge was selected as the regional winner of the Ohio Governor’s Youth Art Show and is now moving up to the state level of the competition.

The exhibit, in its 52nd year, is dedicated to the educational and artistic advancement of talented young people in Ohio. It is open to all 1,112 high schools in Ohio, public and private, approved by the Ohio State Department of Education.

Its goal “is to provide all aspiring young artists in the state with opportunities to advance their talent, whether through scholarship or simply by experiencing the process of registering their work for a competition. The exhibition is a valuable incentive for our young people; it encourages an appreciation of the arts throughout Ohio and reflects the quality of arts education and talent that exists in our state.

Ariel said, “The message behind this series is to highlight the addiction to self-harm and mental illness that people experience.”

The two words shown in the coins are “shoganai” and “sciamachy”.

“Shoganai” means “nothing can be done about it” and represents “the idea that self-harm in any form is often addictive for the individual because it may be the only way for them to to feel something,” she said.

“Sciamachy” is defined as “an act or instance of combat against an imaginary shadow or enemy”.

“That word centers my second theme – the personification of intrusive thoughts as elusive demons that must be fought,” she said.

“Ariel is an extremely intelligent and creative person in many ways,” said WHS art professor Molly Boatman. “In addition to our Advanced Art and Photography course, Ariel is also a member of our school’s wind ensemble, studies physics with honors and takes College Credit Plus courses.

“She’s a great leader in the class – always helping others and leading good discussions,” Boatman added. “I have yet to meet a day when Ariel doesn’t surprise or inspire me or my classmates because her passion and drive are contagious in the best way. I’m grateful to be her teacher and I can’t wait to see what she does next.

Ariel Hodge with her art which earned her the Regional Winner of the Ohio Governor’s Youth Art Show.