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What’s new for April 8?

What’s new for April 8?

1. Newly measured particle appears heavy enough to break known physics — New analysis of W bosons suggests that these particles are significantly heavier than predicted by the Standard Model of particle physics.…/

2. Did the new Fermilab result put a hole in the standard model?…/hole-in-the-standard-model/

3. “There’s a lot of excitement around partial reprogramming… But how promising is it exactly? I’ve spent the last three months reading almost every article in the field. https://

4. The fourth wave of genome-wide association studies on educational attainment has been completed, increasing the explanatory power of polygenic predictors and with no clear sign that the maximum achievable predictive validity has yet been reached.

5. The Qin dynasty decided to punish two generals with death for their delay. Since they were going to die anyway, they were prompted to start a rebellion (obviously the punishment for that is also death).

6. Elbit to provide “swarming drone” capability to the British Army…/elbit-to-provide-swarming-drone…

7. Formative experiences count for long periods of time…/formative-experiences…

8. A fish that does math? Scientists teach mbuna zebrafish and stingrays to add and subtract

9. The claim that personality is more important than intelligence in predicting important life outcomes has been greatly exaggerated…/pii/S0160289622000125…

10. “When a high voltage is applied to pure water filling 2 beakers held close together, a connection forms spontaneously, giving the impression of a floating bridge of water.”

11. Article from 2007. In a phone call, the author casually mentions that his wife is good at Game Boy Tetris – “She can get 500 or 600 lines, no problem.” – and learns that the current world record for Game Boy Tetris is 327 lines. They go to New Hampshire and she becomes the new world record holder with a total of 841 lines.…/2007/08/19/bizarro_world/

12. The evidence is compelling that oncoviruses account for approximately 20% of human cancers worldwide [published 01 July 2014]

13. We have known for a long time that COVID is airborne. So why did it take two years for the World Health Organization to say so?

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What’s new for April 8?