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Wellesley Summer Art Roundup – The Swellesley Report

A few arts-related exhibitions are taking place at Wellesley this month:

Photographer Judy Brown presents its exhibition, Farm animals in Forever Homes, at the Wellesley Free Library until July. The images in this exhibit are drawn from the seven years she spent photographing Boston-area farm animals in an effort to show their personalities and human qualities. She states in her artist statement, “This period has enriched my understanding of these animals and heightened my awareness of the cruelty with which farm animals are treated by the food industry.”

Baby’s Breath with Liamby Judy Brown

Judy Brown continues her career as a professor of physics at Wellesley College and a research scientist at the MIT Media Lab with a combination of her lifelong passions for animals and photography.

Waterman GalleryThe current featured artist is American Modern Impressionist John Colette (1941-1977). Born in Boston, his interest in art began in his early childhood when he discovered the fun and excitement of drawing and painting. Also a talented musician, Colette was accepted as a music major at Boston University, where he also continued to paint, selling his work to galleries in Boston and Philadelphia.

Waterman Page, Wellesley
Brownstonesby John Collette, showcases his distinctive technique of hand-colored etching.

Colette’s work is well known in the United States and abroad and is included in numerous private, corporate and public collections.

‘Blue’, an exhibition featuring paintings, photographs, prints and sculptures, runs until September 24 at Beth Urdang Gallery, 15 central street. Artists include Joshua Jensen-Nagle, known for his evocative large-scale photographs of dreamy aerial beaches, expansive ski scenes, romantic European vistas and spectacular old-world interiors; JP Terlizzi’s photographs inspired by the notion of home; and paintings by Carolyn Reynolds, Shawn Dulaney, Michael Abrams, and more.

Beth Urdang Gallery, Wellesley
Joshua Jensen-Nagle, Copacabana III sunbathing (Rio de Janeiro)archival pigment print photograph
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