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Volunteering for a better world

VolunteerYouth is a student-led organization he founded with the goal of creating an impact on society by helping students find and apply for volunteer opportunities. ”Volunteering can be a tedious process due to the difficulty of finding and applying for opportunities. VolunteerYouth solves this problem by acting as a bridge between students who want to volunteer and organizations that need volunteers,” he says.

Ahaan Shetty

Having volunteered in the past, he realized that volunteering is something many students want to do. Many school programs also require students to volunteer. Volunteering opportunities are therefore something that students definitely need easy access to. “I created this platform to act as a bridge between students who want to volunteer and organizations or people who need volunteers, so that the process of volunteering can be streamlined, allowing students to have an impact.”

A memorable moment for Ahaan was when he volunteered to teach math and physics classes to students through the Lotus Petal Foundation, a non-profit organization providing education to underprivileged children in India. ”It was non-profit organizations like the Lotus Petal Foundation that really inspired me to start VolunteerYouth. Helping students connect with organizations like these to serve society was the goal I set for myself with VolunteerYouth.”

Building a platform like VolunteerYouth was not easy. “Building a website, working with volunteer organizations, marketing, expanding, testing with users and improving our services accordingly was part of the entrepreneurial journey of creating this organization” , he said.

Volunteering, he admits, has taught him several life lessons. ”First, the importance of empathy. Second, the fact that simple acts of kindness can make all the difference to others. Finally, helping others can be the best form of happiness for an individual.”

Ahaan says that a large number of students have accessed volunteer opportunities that serve a wonderful cause for society. The volume of students seeking opportunities and applying for opportunities speaks to the need for such a platform, he believes.

”However, one of the most satisfying things for me was learning how many students really care about making an impact on our society. We have had students from schools across the country and even outside the UAE register with organizations through our website, and there is no greater feeling than seeing students from all ages and backgrounds use the platform, connected by their desire to make a difference. ”

VolunteerYouth hopes to continue to grow to become the go-to place for students to volunteer. ”We hope to expand and introduce our project to schools across the country and then internationally. We have applied for funding and plan to expand our team. We envision it becoming a kind of movement that will revolutionize volunteering.”

Professionally, Ahaan, passionate about STEM, aspires to become a theoretical physicist.