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The National Physical Laboratory (NPL) announces the selection of three Innovation Nodes as part of its National Timing Center (NTC) program

The National Physical Laboratory (NPL) today announces the selection of three Innovation Nodes in partnership with the University of Strathclyde, University of Surrey and Cranfield University. These innovation nodes are developed in partnership between NPL and host organizations and will enable the application of timing and frequency in any industry.

National Timing Center (NTC) announcement

These locations, chosen on the basis of potential for industry sector engagement, location and suitability of facilities and connectivity, are being announced at the same time as a £4.7 million grant is made available through the National Timing Center program in conjunction with Innovate UK, part of UK Research and Innovation (UKRI). The competition focuses on feasibility and demonstration projects that contribute to resilient time, frequency and synchronization and its dissemination and application. Successful applicants will be able to access the traceable signals of these innovation nodes as part of their project to enable the development of new products and services.

NPL is the UK’s time home and from here accurate time, traceable to UTC (NPL), is provided at key locations. The National Timing Center (NTC) program is leading the way to reliable and guaranteed time and frequency across the UK, by developing the first nationally distributed timing infrastructure, which will help accelerate new technologies such as time-critical 5G and 6G applications, factories of the future and connected autonomous vehicles. Today’s announcement brings us a little closer.

The three innovation nodes will each provide a combination of traceable timing signals and lab space for industrial R&D, product and application testing and validation. The aim is to support business-led innovation, boost the UK’s supply chain and UK capabilities in this area.

Dr. Leon Lobo, National Timing Center (NTC) program manager, said“The NTC Innovation Nodes are an important step towards understanding the requirements for resilient, GNSS-independent, traceable time and frequency access for our current and future use cases. We are pleased to partner to the host organizations of these nodes, by supporting the research and industry ecosystems in place to develop the supply chain of new products and services, towards a sustainable and sustainable capacity.

Professor Iain Gray, director of aerospace at Cranfield University, said“We are delighted to partner with the NPL to set up this innovation hub. The project will further integrate the world-class research and development capabilities of Cranfield Global Research Airport with our unparalleled links to business and industry, creating innovative products and applications for aviation and autonomy.

Professor Regius Rahim Tafazolli, Director of ICS, Center for 5G/6G Innovation at the University of Surrey, said“We are excited about the University of Surrey 5G/6G Innovation Center Time-Based Innovation Node. Through our strategic partner NPL, this synchronization capability complements our unique 5G testbed facility and will enable us and our industry partners to conduct advanced experimental research and innovation on applications and use cases. critical use of 5G and 6G.

Professor Erling Riis, from the University of Strathclyde’s Department of Physics, said“As a strategic partner of NPL, the University of Strathclyde is delighted to host a new NTC Innovation Node. The University of Strathclyde is working on atomic and quantum synchronization as part of Britain’s National Quantum Technologies programme. The new NTC Innovation node, located in the Glasgow City Innovation District, will complement our cutting-edge research and make precision timekeeping more easily accessible to industry and will be a significant new asset for Scotland, the UK and beyond. of the.

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