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The crew concentrates on preparing equipment and samples for scientific experiments – Space Station

NASA astronaut Bob Hines is shown performing Genes in Space-9 aboard the International Space Station on July 21, 2022.

The Expedition 67 crew spent some of their time aboard the International Space Station today preparing equipment and samples for various science experiments.

NASA flight engineer Kjell Lindgren spent the latter part of the day changing the rack for specific samples inside the life sciences glove box. He carried out the task of a survey investigating the effects of microgravity on cell tissue regeneration and whether recovery occurs after flight. The results could help determine whether the effects of the biological aging process can be reversed.

NASA flight engineer Bob Hines set up the hardware and photographed samples for the Genes in Space-9 study. The experiment is evaluating two approaches to using cell-free technology in microgravity, including protein production and biosensors capable of detecting specific target molecules.

NASA flight engineer Jessica Watkins purged and took carbon dioxide samples from the Amine Thermal Scrubber, which is testing technology to remove carbon dioxide from the station’s atmosphere. She and ESA (European Space Agency) flight engineer Samantha Cristoforetti also teamed up to route a power cable for life support.

Cristoforetti focused on removing, packing and transferring containers for the Space Biofilms-2 experiment. The investigation characterizes the mass, thickness, structure and associated gene expression of biofilms (molds) that form in space by analyzing a fungal species grown on different materials.

Commander Oleg Artemyev of Roscosmos met with specialists to test a 3D printer. Meanwhile, cosmonauts Sergey Korsakov and Denis Matveev had the chance to take microbial samples from assigned areas aboard the station.

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