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‘Super Science with Drew’: Drew tries terrifying experiments this Halloween


SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) – ABC7 meteorologist Drew Tuma recently stood on a pile of broken glass and came face to face with a swaying bowling bowl, all for the love of science!

In this spooky edition of Super Science, Drew and Zeke Kossover, the Exploratorium’s science educator, test physics (and bravery!) Through two terrifying experiments.

“We’re going to throw something heavy at your head, and then we’ll see how hard your feet are,” Kossover said. “A lot of things seem scary, but when you understand the science behind them, then you can find they really aren’t that scary at all.”

The first experiment included a bowling ball with added spikes. The ball was suspended from a fixed point and lifted towards Drew’s face, so that it could come back under the influence of gravity, like a pendulum.

After releasing him, the bullet did not hit Drew on the way home, thanks to the laws of physics.

“When we let go of the ball, this gravitational energy is converted into kinetic energy, the energy of motion,” Kossover explained. “He only has the same amount of energy he started with, so he can only go up the other side as high as he started, never higher.”

In the second experiment, Drew stood barefoot on a pile of sharp glass without injuring himself. The reason? With the body’s weight distributed over many sharp edges, no edge presses with much force to cause damage.

“In October, in particular, we have the change of seasons, we have Halloween … these opportunities for fear and the unknown, and for us the unknown comes with science,” described Sam Sharkland, developer of the Exploratorium program.

He added, “All of the programs we offer give people the opportunity to step outside their comfort zone a little bit to discover things that are unfamiliar or scary to them, and give them the opportunity to learn at the same time.”

Visit the Exploratorium’s After Dark events in October! For more information, go here.

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