Particle physics research

Shreyasi from Siliguri is awarded by CERN for her research related to the “Big Bang”

Shreyasi Acharya of Siliguri has been added to the list of top scientists in the world. This resident of Bharatnagar, Ward No. 24 of Siliguri Municipality has received international recognition for his research paper in physics. Shreyasi’s name has become associated with four other talented scholars of the world.

Shreyasi was awarded the Ellis Thesis Prize by the European Organization for Nuclear Research or CERN, one of the largest scientific organizations in the world, for his outstanding research paper.

Satyendranath Bose’s name was associated with the scientists behind the Big Bang or God Particle theory.

His thesis was on the particles produced at the time of the proton-particle collision after the Big Bang. At the end of last year, Shreyasi wrote his thesis on the Big Bang. As she is an associate member of Indian CERN. She therefore had the opportunity to do research at CERN.

Shreyasi studied science in Siliguri until grade 12 and then studied physics at Jadavpur University. From there she joined the Bhava Atomic Research Center as a researcher. She started working at CERN from 2021. Shreyasi is currently doing research with Ellis researchers in France. Ellis Week was celebrated at CERN last week.

And there Shreyasi’s research paper was recognized as the best. Shreyasi Acharya said in context, “I really didn’t think I would get such honorable recognition. Of course, my parents, as well as all my teachers and sympathizers contributed to it.

Parimal Acharya, the university researcher’s father, said, “We are very proud of Shreyasi. I was speechless with joy when I first heard the news.

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