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Savannah College of Art and Design


The Interactive Design and Game Development (ITGM) program at Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) is the leading program of its kind in the world, featuring a transformative program, top faculty, and an annual festival focused on l industry, SCAD’s GamingFest.

At the forefront of innovation in the creative industries, SCAD offers top-notch education. As part of the SCAD School of Digital Media, the Interactive Design and Game Development program is offered at BA, BFA, MA and MFA levels. Students also work closely with their peers in complementary study programs, including sequential art, visual effects, animation, film and television, sound design, drama writing, and conception. of animated media.

A prime example of this multidisciplinary collaboration is ‘Zoélie’, a game created by SCAD students, which won 1st place in the Best Gameplay category at the Intel University Game Showcase 2021. Among the top 20 game development programs of University level, SCAD eclipsed the other finalists to win the competition’s top prize. “This represents our leadership position as a preferred destination for students seeking careers in the gaming industry,” said SuAnne Fu, SCAD President of Interactive Design and Game Development.

The SCAD sites in Savannah, Atlanta and Lacoste, France all offer environments where ITGM students learn in work environments comparable to those in the professional sector, including access to augmented, mixed and virtual reality technologies. As Fu explains, “We follow an agile development methodology within our school and department, where we teach how to actually work in order to complete a project and do a great job on time. Our students work towards Careers in the game development world have access to AR and VR production tools and AI machine learning, which means they’re already living in the future. “

With over 125 game development companies based in Georgia, this puts more emphasis on the nexus between competitive games, game design and creative careers. SCAD alumni, whether based in Georgia, New York, California, Tokyo or in industrial centers around the world, are showing a concrete example of what SCAD students can achieve when they enter the industry. Antonio Gil (BFA, Visual Effects, BFA, Interactive Design & Game Development, 2019) is currently a VFX Artist at Sony Santa Monica working on God of War Ragnrök (coming to PS5 / PS4 in 2022). Reflecting on his SCAD experience, Gil said, “Game development is fundamentally social. At SCAD, I learned that beyond entertainment, action games require dexterity, strategy games require forward planning, rhythm games teach music and coordination, games based on physics have links with mathematics. . As game designers, we play with these skills and incorporate them into the games we create. “

Another notable project launched by SCAD School of Digital Media is “Dialect Effect: A Tale of Two Tongs”, an immersive Chinese language and culture learning simulation that uses speech recognition technology, authentic environments and engaging non-player animated characters to teach entry. Mandarin level. With an international student body forming over 25% of the total SCAD student body, global identity is an inherent asset of the ITGM program.

Within interactive design and game development, areas of specialization include concept artists, game designers, narrative designers, programmers, and environmental artists. “Games not only have to tell great stories, but also have this immersive element of connectivity,” said Fu. “I see this technique being harnessed, not just for entertainment purposes, but to tell different types of stories, whether they relate to cultural heritage or aspects of identity exploration, helping us to create an understanding beyond our social norms. “

With SCAD students having access to super-powerful technologies including AR / VR labs, winning prestigious gaming competitions such as E3 College Game Competition and Intel University Games Showcase, and moving the needle in companies such as Apple, Adobe , Electronic Arts, Microsoft, and more, they capitalize on their passion for interactive design and turn them into creative careers. For more information on this program and others at SCAD, visit



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