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RGF® Environmental Group launches a research project to improve the filtration and inactivation of radioactive particles

Microcon 600

Microcon 600

PALM BEACH, Fla., May 05, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — RGF® Environmental Group, Inc. is a global leader in air treatment technologies. In addition to proprietary active air treatment systems for residential and commercial applications, the company manufactures FDA-cleared high-efficiency particulate (HEPA) filter systems for use in healthcare applications. HEPA filters are designed to remove over 99.97% of airborne particles that are 0.3 microns and larger and are widely used in hospitals, schools, aircraft and commercial buildings. True HEPA filtration is widely recognized as a safe, convenient and effective technology for purifying the air.

HEPA filtration technology was originally developed during World War II to protect scientists working on nuclear weapons. After the war, the technology was adopted by both the nuclear power industry and nuclear weapons testing and is widely used to prevent the release of radioactive particles into the environment from nuclear power plants.

RGF® originally designed, built and tested a radiation filter/neutralizer 21 years ago for the office of a multi-billionaire in post-9/11 New York. He feared a tactical nuclear attack was next. RGF® tested the device and installed it in his office. Thank goodness it was never needed for a nuclear attack, so RGF® never went into production. Obviously, things have changed in the world for the worse and a nuclear attack is concerning. Even a tactical nuke will create a cloud of radioactive fallout that will travel around the world with weather conditions.

An RGF® research and development project has been in the works for years to combine our state-of-the-art ETL/FDA approved HEPA filtration technologies that utilize our RGF® ETL approved photohydroionization® (PHI) and bipolar ionization, carbon, boron and RGF’s exclusive activated minerals for effective filtration and inactivation of radioactive particles and gases, as well as ozone.

This project is designed to develop devices for use in homes and commercial establishments to reduce the risks associated with radioactive fallout that can occur as a result of a natural disaster, deliberate nuclear attack or, in some locations, produce naturally.

Dr. James Marsden, RGF’s Executive Director of Science and Technology, is leading the project in cooperation with the company’s engineers, who have extensive experience in nuclear weapons testing and power generation safety. nuclear. Announcing the project, he said that “by combining proprietary RGF® air treatment technologies with true HEPA filtration, the risks associated with radioactive fallout can be significantly reduced in homes as well as commercial buildings” . Although it may seem premature, RGF® has always been ahead of its time throughout its 37-year history. Better to be safe and prepared than sorry. RGF® offers the Microcon-X conduit system and limited production stand-alone floor models for field testing.


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About RGF® Environmental Group, Inc.

RGF manufactures over 500 environmental products and has over 37 years of history providing the world with the safest air, water and food without the use of chemicals. RGF is an ISO 9001:2015 certified research and innovation company, holding numerous patents for wastewater treatment systems, air purification devices and food sanitation systems. Located in the heart of the Port of Palm Beach corporate area, RGF’s corporate headquarters spans 10 acres, with 200,000 square feet of manufacturing, warehouse and office facilities. RGF’s facility in Lakeland, Florida adds over 40,000 square feet for backup production and lamp production. RGF continues to upgrade its facilities, creating an increased vertical approach to manufacturing, further enabling the company to provide the highest quality, best-designed products on the market. For more information, visit

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