Particle physics art

Reunion developers introduce the art of hot swapping

Imagine: you are on the pinball battlefield. You’re down to the last of your fins and the Rogue has become a captive ball. The goblins are closing in and you are surrounded. Sweat runs down your brow as you pull the plunger and launch Healer Pinball. Rolling quickly down the ramp – collecting extra mana as you encroach on attacking goblins – you feel a rush of adrenaline as the extra mana surges through your veins and with great haste you instantly switch your flipper from Healer to Mage and unleash a mighty barrage of magic on the goblins. And so your victory is assured — thanks to your quick thinking and strategic use of hot swapping.

Today, Phantom Compass is excited to introduce the new hot-swap mechanic introduced in their upcoming pinball-meets-RPG mash-up Rollers of the Realm: Reunion – the sequel to their smash hit Rollers of the Realm.

In Reunion, a new mechanic allows players to select up to three playable pinball heroes that they can switch between at any time during battle. Each Hero Ball has unique physics, stats, and special abilities, creating interesting tactical choices on the fly. With the right strategic planning ahead of time, players can bring pain or save their party and deal with any situation thrown their way.