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Ranking & Disrupting Universities with the Art of Imagination | By Professor Anees Akhtar, UK

Ranking and Disrupting Universities with the Art of Imagination

Although the percentage of great thinkers, dreamers and those with a great art of writing, creating and painting their imagination is less than 0.03% on the planet, who can change the world and lay the foundations for new civilizations.

That is why; our civilizations are still far behind our imagination. We have a very small number of dreamers and a small number of world populations who can comprehend and comprehend these imaginings due to the lack of education, knowledge and wisdom in these areas.

Most societies are dominated by a linear mindset, still entangled in the complexity of traditions, religious conflicts, superstitions and myths.

They spend much of their time understanding histories, wars, crimes, and religious conflicts rather than understanding the art, scientific literature, and spirituality that linear brains understand in modern societies.

It is the great cause of our civilization hanging behind our imagination and it is the ultimate truth of our poverty, our diseases, our wars and our political conflicts.

It is our ignorance that we inherit and that we propagate to future generations in the form of negativity and conflict.

In the human history of imagination and civilizations, there have always been gaps of many generations to convert great dreams or fictions into facts because the imagination which could not be converted into facts or technologies, they are remained in continuous research and under justifications of science and literary researchers, professors and engineers to make of them facts or technologies.

Sometimes it took more than decades or half centuries to convert fiction into fact, like Russian novelist Arthur C.

Clarke in 1945 took over a decade to convert this dream into a Sputnik satellite in 1957.

Since then, the United States and other nations have sent a number of satellites into Earth orbit to set up a sophisticated communication system to modernize their defense and security systems.

Today, our fast 5G and 4G radiation communication systems in mobile phones and other devices are also under surveillance from our satellites via ground-based transmission towers.

Likewise, the quest and dreams of dark energy first captured the imagination of Peter Higgs, a British physicist, later he gave the name divine particle to this mysterious particle in the universe which was later harnessed and converted into Higgs boson energy at CERN’s Large Hadron Collider. laboratory by applying the grand unified theory of physics presented by Pakistani scientist Dr Abdus Salam in 1967.

This high electron-volt power, the Higgs particle, after harnessing its energy, in the large particle accelerator at the Large Hadron Collider will bring new arenas of healing, treatment, diagnosis, communication, travel across the space and many other blessings for new human civilizations.

All these scientific and technological advances are due to the art of imagination nurtured by these great minds during explorations of knowledge and wisdom or by digging the layers and roots of knowledge down to their cores or roots which have been entangled in the cosmos and the universe. since its beginnings or since the time of the big bang.

The art of the deepest imagination could be used to create any kind of artistic, scientific and technological literature for the advancement and preservation of human civilizations.

Historically, at the beginning of human civilizations, prophets, sieges and walees used this art of imagination and deep dreaming to convert their imagination and intelligence into revelations.

Sometimes a powerful and purified imagination emits such intelligent rays that could travel across the planet from one brain to another by telepathic waves without any means of rapid communication of television, radio or electronic media of no kind.

This power of imagination of the prophets helped them to reach the level of prophecy and the imagination of the mystics in the karamat helped them to become mystics and sieges.

Thus, the power of imagination has a great role in the creation of spirituality and the descent of religion.

In contemporary societies, the scientist, the writers, the members, the poets, the artists have the same quality of imaginative spirit.

This is why they are very influential revolutionaries, creators, builders and architects of societies and are rapidly taking our societies to the next level of civilization.

So, in order to keep our brain engines working for the highest level of imagination and super intelligence like the extraterrestrials, it’s important to keep powering our brain’s 1000 terabyte software with bioelectricity or brain batteries. which are available worldwide as books of various genres.

You can choose high potential or powerful mind books or high voltage knowledge books like self-help, physics, metaphysics and other literary genre books.

These books can load your brain software to run your brain engine to great imagination.

This bioelectricity or brain batteries of powerful knowledge are globally released in the form of stories.

Their storytellers are very powerful brains already loaded with such knowledge in the form of scientific or literary fiction stories.

It is important to rapidly evolve our industries and make our societies and countries prosperous.

We should quickly move our brain motor with these batteries of this vital organ which is very prone and naturally very receptive to holding any form or kind of such stories.

This is the only creative way to shake up our imagination to empower our brain.

A comparative study shows that our 1000 terabyte brain has the natural ability to integrate 48 billion books of stories from various genres.

Thus, we can imagine how powerful our brain would be in encompassing such a tension of unity of knowledge.

It is therefore very important to convert our linear brains into non-linear or sophisticated brains. We should learn this art of imagination by following and adapting these methods, rules and therapies in our passionate and missionary life.

This secret of weaving a connection between different roots of knowledge tangled in the universe to reach the ultimate realities and truths.

We have a great opportunity in the future to unite humanity at this central level of realities, knowledge and wisdom for greater human consciousness and super intelligence.


—The author is a contributing columnist, based in London.