Particle physics laboratory

President Kenyatta to launch DCI National Forensic Laboratory

President Uhuru Kenyatta is due to preside over the launch of the Criminal Investigations Directorate’s National Forensic Laboratory on Monday.

The forensic laboratory is a world-class facility comparable to any in the developed world and across other established investigative institutions.

According to a statement from DCI, the facility will enhance the ability to apply modern investigative techniques and cutting-edge science to law enforcement.

All applicants for the Certificate of Good Conduct (Certificate of Good Conduct), scheduled to be fingerprinted at DCI headquarters on Monday, June 13, have been advised that the premises will remain off-limits due to the event.

Therefore, arrangements have been made for applicants to visit any Huduma Center in Nairobi City and have their fingerprints taken.

The Forensic Laboratory had been identified as a flagship security project under Vision 2030 and was among the projects to be completed under the 1st Medium Term Plan 2008-2012.

Although classified under the security, peacebuilding and conflict management sector which plays a vital and strategic role in achieving the objectives of the vision 2030, the project only materialized. in March 2014, when the current administration launched the project.

Over the past nine years, the government has invested heavily in the construction of the physical structure and installed the relevant advanced equipment, in the 10 specialized scientific laboratories within the laboratory.

Qualified detectives in various academic scientific fields such as computer science, pure mathematics, chemistry, biology, biochemistry, physics and information technology, among others, have been deployed to offer their professional services in their respective areas of specialization.

The completion of this facility therefore heralds a new chapter in Kenya’s history, as one of the country’s economic pillars that will be critical in shaping our prosperity.

This is therefore a historic national achievement that DCI cannot celebrate alone, but with all Kenyans and stakeholders specifically within the criminal justice system.

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