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Plenty of Art in Anne Arundel County to Fit Fall Schedule – Capital Gazette

The phrase “time flies” never seems more apt than November. Our lives change in exciting ways between Halloween and December 1st. The leaves are falling, the temperature is dropping, we rush business in three weeks because of Thanksgiving, and then we start shopping for the next month. We are fortunate to live in a bustling area, with more activity than we can attend. If you have “fear of missing out” (FOMO) issues, you may be worried about not being able to attend everything. Or maybe you can…

You can tick several boxes by attending some arts events this month while popping into holiday shopping. The exhibits are diverse and engaging as they offer a wide range of perspectives, some with social commentary or historical viewpoints. Others focus on the masterful technique of accomplished artists regionally and nationally. You also tick another box when you visit galleries, engage with artists, and collect their works. You are collaborators in our rich, multi-layered art scene, fueling the momentum with your enthusiasm. Thank you for participating and for embracing the arts as the cornerstone of a vibrant and growing community.

McBride Gallery will host the 52nd Annual Exhibition of Women Artists of the West, “East Meets West”. WOAW is the oldest and one of the most respected women’s arts organizations in the country. WOAW membership is limited to 350 award-winning professional female painters and sculptors. Celebrating the beauty of the world in 130 works of art – including still lifes, landscapes, portraits and wildlife – “East Meets West” is an exhibition showcasing the talent of female artists. The show opens today and will run until January 7. Meet the artists at an opening reception from 1-4 p.m. today.

MFA Circle Gallery presents the 12th annual national exhibition with jury “Coups of genius”. The sweep and flow of the brush conveys all that is in the artist’s head and heart. Physical power and emotional tenderness are transmitted to paper and canvas. The brushstroke becomes the voice of the artist and communicates with the viewer through time. Discover 58 works accepted by 49 artists selected by juror Jack Rasmussen, director and curator of the Katzen Arts Center at the American University Museum. Join a virtual awards ceremony from 4-5 p.m. today via Zoom. There will be an in-person closing reception at the Circle Gallery from 4-6 p.m. on November 26.

Gallery 57 West will feature talks by three Annapolis Arts Alliance members, Lochini Johnston, Regina Labofish and Terri Schaffer, at 5:30 p.m. Tuesday. Johnston, who paints in acrylic on stone, will discuss his artistic journey with travels and stone paintings inspired by prehistoric caves. Labofish will explain how his art started as a way to escape stress and became a passion for creating pieces that bring joy to others. Schaffer will discuss her “Artful Skies” series, her love of art and photography, and how she combines them.

Maryland Room presents two new exhibitions:

  • Openshaw Balcony Gallery: An exhibition by Openshaw artist-in-residence Jonathan James is open until early December. James’ exhibit features the ‘A Ferengi Funeral’ series, based on the Star Trek characters of the same name. The work, completed during James’s residency, is a series of figurative paintings dealing with human trafficking as a natural progression from late capitalism.
  • Cheney Gallery: The Annapolis Opera Company is hosting a photography exhibit as part of its 50th anniversary season, which opens Friday and ends Dec. 23. The exhibition tells the story of the opera company from its first performance of Gian Carlo Menotti’s “The Medium” in a hotel in 1972 through the current season of three operas of fully staged works on the stage of the Maryland Hall. A visit will be given at 5:30 p.m. on November 17.

Paul’s Homewood Cafe features the work of MFA members Lyn Laviana and Natalie Ogilvie (Watkins), opening mid-November and running through January. Born in Kansas City and raised in the Northeast, Laviana has been painting since elementary school. She painted in oils and pastels, appreciating the saturation of colors, and works in printmaking and acrylics because they allow a transparency that pastels do not allow. Ogilvie Watkins’ artistic journey began when her work was featured at the 1996 Olympics. Working in different mediums, such as painting, woodworking and printmaking, this exhibition showcases her FRAC collection. These “fractal” paintings represent the idea of ​​physics in the world as we see it. Date of receipt to be determined.

Benfield Gallery The “Painting with Patterns” exhibit continues through November 19, featuring local artist Kathy Daywalt. With her strong use of color and pattern, Daywalt brings movement and energy to her art. Next, the gallery’s holiday lounge opens on “Small Business Saturday,” November 26. A selection of new works by watercolor and acrylic artists Janice Hendra, Stacy Lund Levy, Carolyn Councell, Cynthia Shumaker and Daywalt, new pottery by Ken Reinhard, new oil paintings by Nancy McCarra, Andree Tullier and Sarah Wardell, and many others. Join them for art and refreshments on November 26.

The Galleries of the Tranquil Waters Park present “Form and Fabric of our Lives XI: Artistic Gifts of the Season”. opening Nov. 23. Shop for the holidays at this invitational group exhibit and sale featuring original handcrafted artwork. Featured Articles: Beau and Skip Hartranft, greeting cards; Chesapeake Woodturners, handmade wooden items; Garage Art pottery and accessories; Anita Hagan, linoleum prints and mixed media; Julie Heath, collage; Joyce Keister, woven and hand-dyed garments; Greta Morris, stained glass; Susan Schumpert, pottery; Donna Schramek, quilts and soft sculpture; Fran Thompson, felted textiles; and Sara Tippin, pottery. Until January 3, join them for an opening reception from 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m. on November 27.

The Mitchell Gallery at St. John’s College presents the online exhibition, “North and South: Berenice Abbott’s Route 1 of the United States”, until December 16. frontier – capturing life along the way. The photographs predate the construction of I-95 and the publication of Robert Frank’s “The Americans” by several years. Join a book club discussion of Simone de Beauvoir’s contemporary travelogue, “America Day to Day,” from 6-7:30 p.m. November 29. The public is invited to photograph the three-mile stretch of West Street (Route 450) from Church Circle to Parole and join Miami-based photographer Kim Llerena online for a viewing and discussion of the photographs from 4-5:30 p.m. December 10.

West Annapolis Artworks is featuring the works of Gail Higginbotham in late 2022. Higginbotham’s sense of composition, use of vibrant colors and textures, and representative abstract style make her pieces highly recognizable. Come see her work during the West Annapolis Holiday Market on December 3-4.

The Annapolis Marine Art Gallery has just welcomed two new works by marine artist Christopher Forrest. Forrest has been featured in Hyperrealism Magazine, Southwest Art Magazine, and the American Society of Marine Artists Journal. Most recently, Forrest’s works were adjudicated at the Art Renewal Center’s 16th Annual International Fair. His oil painting “Homeward Bound” was selected for the National Oil & Acrylic Painters Society International Exhibition and “Where’s the Party?” made the Richeson75 Merit List in its International Landscape/Seascape Competition. Stop in the gallery to see them and learn more about the artist.

The Anne Arundel County Arts Council (ACAAC) and BWI are closing one exhibit and opening another this month. “Imagine…,” on display until November 14, featured works by artists encouraged to get creative and finish the phrase “Imagine…” heaven the focus. This exhibit will be on display until March 13. These exhibits are located between Concourse C&D in Departures (Pre-Security) near Departure Gate 10 and the UPS store. You can view the gallery online at and

Jo Fleming Contemporary Art continues the presentation of variations on “Coastal Abstractions”. Until the end of November, a collection of found coastal objects by Isabelle Robinson is calm and modern. Sally Rhudy’s abstract expressionist paintings glow with subtle transparent colors and partially exposed layers suggesting the passage of time. Carey Crane’s active abstract compositions recall the swimming shoals of minnows and Orca the movement of whales. Jo Fleming presents his landscape work inspired by the Chesapeake sail. An addition to the exhibit this month is a 60″ x 60″ masterpiece by Doug Moulden. One customer noted, “It was like the starry night of water.”

MFA at 49 West continues the exhibition of the work of fine art photographer, art historian and MFA member Wil Scott through November 30. Scott has exhibited in Europe and the United States. Her work is inspired by her travels and Maryland. His exhibit will feature recent photographs from Hawaii, California, and Maine, as well as works depicting Annapolis, Anne Arundel County, and other parts of the region.

Patrice Drago is a painter and writer in Annapolis. Website: This column is written in collaboration with the Annapolis Gallery Association. Contact Patrick at [email protected].