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Our universe may have been created in the laboratory by an advanced civilization


“The greatest mystery concerning the history of our universe This is what happened before the big explosion. Where does our universe come from? “Avi Loeb asks in his recent signed editorial, in Scientific American. The former chairman of the Harvard Department of Astronomy, founding director of the Harvard Black Hole Initiative and chairman of the National Academies’ Physics and Astronomy Council, has a theory about the origin of the universe. It could have been created in the laboratory by advanced technological civilization, he writes.

These superior beings that the author has classified A on the cosmic scale, “You could have developed a technology that created a baby universe out of thin air thanks to the quantum tunnel” or Our universe has a flat geometry with zero net energy.. The theory advanced by Avi Loeb can unify the religious idea that the Supreme Creator is the origin of life with The secular idea quantum gravity. He adds that if his theory is correct, it suggests that a universe like ours, with a more technologically advanced population, would be a biological universe.

Are humans too bad for Class A?

The supposed existence of a biological universe indicates that the human race was created to give birth to more advanced civilizations than we are today. Avi Loeb ranks humans at C level on the cosmological scale. “Because we are unable to recreate habitable conditions on our planet when the sun dies” … Even at level D, “As we carelessly destroy natural habitats on Earth due to climate change, driven by our technologies”.

It is not impossible for us to reach Class A, but there are many obstacles to this evolution, including our inability to create “A sufficiently large dark energy density in a small area”, writes the editorial author. However, Avi Loeb encourages individuals to do so. To look humbly through the new telescopes in order to “The search for smarter children on our cosmic mass”.

He warns that if we don’t, our experience on Earth could end like that of dinosaurs.



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