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Organized Art Integrated Learning Webinar

A webinar on art-integrated learning, hosted by FeviCreate Idea Labs and The hindu Education Plus, highlighted the importance of effectively integrating art and creativity into the Indian education system, and its impact on learning.

“There is something about the arts that allows us to learn and remember better. For example, we tend to remember songs we learned in kindergarten, rather than physics concepts from class 9, ”said Arundhati Ghosh, executive director of the Indian Foundation for the Arts, advocating for integration of art and education.

Gautam Suri, President, Consumer Products, Pidilite Industries Ltd., emphasized how learning should be lifelong fun for children. “Bringing in creativity, designing it in an accessible way and helping children learn academic concepts creatively is important,” he said.

He further attributes the difficulty of integrating art into the Indian education system to the fact that society is fundamentally grade based. “This may be the reason why art-based learning will take a long time to evolve. There must be concerted efforts by government, educational institutions, employers to come together and form an ecosystem, ”he added.

Rajesh Mahajan, principal of the English secondary school Jan Gan Man, in Domivili, pointed out that some of the greatest scientific discoveries involved art. “It takes imagination and creativity – often the subject is learned through pictures and models.”

The session was moderated by Soma Basu, Deputy Editor, The hindu. The webinar can be viewed online at