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North Fourth Art Center exhibits a celebration of lives lived

“Barcelona Flower Girl” by Sterling Van Deren Coke. (Courtesy of North Fourth Art Center)

“Art Stories: It’s Personal” is a celebration of lives lived and journeys made, shared across a wide range of media at the North Fourth Art Center.

The exhibition is about artists telling stories through their work and features story-infused works by photographer Sterling Van Deren Coke and sculptor Joe Forrest Sackett in the gallery, as well as several artists connected to the North Fourth Art Center in a new gallery.

Coke’s photographs are based on his studies of photography and art history, as well as his knowledge of computers and physics.

Sackett’s specialty is metal carving and fabrication. He was inspired by the physical, emotional, political, and aesthetic realities of our time from his perspective as a longtime resident of New Mexico.

“Featured artists Joe Sackett and photographer Sterling Coke were our established artists,” said Susanna Kearny, Outreach Director of the North Fourth Art Center. “It’s in the main gallery, which is the Northwest Gallery, and then there are actually 20 artists represented in the smaller gallery, so that’s a lot in a small room.”

The exhibition continues in the new Gallery X, where a diverse community of painters, photographers and potters take you on a journey through their work.

“It’s also really fascinating because at the level of the visual arts and then the exhibition, there are stories for each of the pieces, or for each of the bodies at work,” Kearny said. “So it’s a multi-level exhibition.”

With all the art around you, it’s easy to get lost in the rooms, Kearny said.

“There’s a whole collection from a really prominent family from Pakistan and one of the parents works at the North Fourth Arts Center, so there’s a nice collection of Acoma pottery,” Kearny said. “It’s just kind of unexpected in the sense that you walk into a space and see the different types of art and how they’re connected.”

The exhibition is visible until October 25.

“Once you walk into a gallery like this, there’s so much to see that we hope people will come and hang around,” Kearny said. “I think they’ll really appreciate the layers of this particular exhibit with a range of media and also the stories behind it.”