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New vibrant immersive art installation from Kenzo Digital to live in the New York City skyline at SUMMIT One Vanderbilt

Air, a world-class multisensory artistic experience, will open on October 21, 2021

NEW YORK, October 19, 2021 / PRNewswire / – Kenzo Digital, in collaboration with SL Green Realty Corp., is proud to present Air, a breathtaking new immersive artistic experience within MOUNTAIN PEAK A Vanderbilt. In a true love letter to the city, acclaimed artist Kenzo Digital took a location a thousand feet high, with a view stretching from Coney Island to the Bronx Zoo, and created a multisensory and transformative experience. which is revolutionary, euphoric and will forever change the way we perceive the New York City horizon.

Air, an immersive art installation created by Kenzo Digital for SUMMIT One Vanderbilt, promises to be a mind-expanding and totally unique experience for all who see it.

New York City is my home, my constant source of inspiration; it shaped me and gave me so much, “said Kenzo Digital.” With Air, I want to create a space that shares the intoxicating feeling of inspiration and inspiration that new York gives me with all who visit it – a beacon of possibility that pays homage to all that new York is, maybe, will be. “

Air is a step-by-step art experience that begins after entry MOUNTAIN PEAK A Vanderbilt adjacent to Grand Central Terminal and stretches through a mirrored, light-infused elevator up to a thousand feet to the 91st floor. Once at the top of the building, Air offers visitors a multi-storey and multi-space immersion that challenges their notions of physical reality, the city that surrounds them and their sense of self.

Air is a literal and figurative reflective story. Through the use of glass mirrors on each structural surface, Air appears without limits, without fixed form, and offers an enticing and unique experience for each visitor at every moment. With everything mirrored, each step rearranges what visitors see with incredible complexity and scale, as if in defiance of physics. Air defamiliarizes the world, and the process of finding a new balance opens up a sense of elementary curiosity.

Air is an immersion in nature in the heart of Manhattan, compared to a Central Park in the sky. With its unique point of view, Air brings the external environment into space and then magnifies it to infinity. Whether sunrise or sunset, blue or cloudy sky, rain or snow, indoors Air, each weather model evokes a revealing world that offers endless possibilities for exploration.

In addition to its remarkable materiality, Air is a living, breathing entity, expressed through its multisensory use of sound, lighting, production design and game engine. It’s a story that evolves with each successive space, bringing in more visitors. and deeper into the experience until they become part of it. Although Air is deeply personal, the experience reveals a shared consciousness, inviting visitors of all ages to revel in collective wonder.

After sunset, the magic of Air takes on a new shape as the space is transformed through a unique light and sound story, transforming it into a beacon of energy, visible to all New York City.

Air is another dimension, where we discover that time is reorganized with as much fluidity as sight, ”said Kenzo Digital. “Through his unlimited juxtapositions of shapes, Air forces you to live in the moment: calm, aware, free. “

Kenzo was commissioned to design the installation by MOUNTAIN PEAK A Vanderbilt. Air represents a bold and innovative leap forward in the storytelling of physical space and remarkable potential at the intersection of large-scale art and real estate. Air serves as the crown jewel of MOUNTAIN PEAK One Vanderbilt — his unique illusions can be seen from the streets all around town.

Air opens to the public on 21st of October. The air can be seen and experienced exclusively at Summit One Vanderbilt. Tickets are on sale now on:

About Kenzo Digital
Kenzo is an artist who creates emotionally powerful and breathtaking alternative worlds in physical and virtual spaces. It juxtaposes elements of art, cinema, theater and architecture to produce revolutionary work that turns your sensory experience upside down in the service of history. Its purpose is not only to entertain or excite, but to engage in a way that creates memories of lasting meaning.

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