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Mastering the art of occult science, Maa Sshivani Durga guides people through her knowledge

Occult practitioners are said to possess abilities and information given only to highly intelligent or specifically chosen people.

Occultists, also called spiritualists, seek “hidden wisdom” as the secret to eternal life. One such person who has mastered himself in the world of spirituality is Sshivani Durga, a renowned name in the field of occult science. It is truly believed that all these spiritual powers heal people in the best possible way. Maa Sshivani Durga was initiated into the Aghor Cult by Baba Nagnath Yogeshwar in Manikarnika – Benares in 2013. She is also the founder of IWCVT (Indian Wiccan Community and Vodou Temple).

A native of the universe, Maa Sshivani Durga who has expertise in various divination techniques as well as tarot card reading has helped many people through their tough times. Many people schedule a tarot reading when they encounter difficulties in life or need help with a situation with it. The purpose of reading is for the cards you select to resonate with your higher self in hopes that they will contribute to greater clarity and understanding. Many of his followers have made positive changes in their lives thanks to his advice. She has also created her own modern Tantra methods to facilitate the scam that brings negative emotions against Aghor and Tantra.

Speaking about her learnings, Maa Sshivani Durga shares, “I have studied Tantra for many years, done cremation on the ground. I have spent my life understanding Tantra and how it changes our lives. discovered that Tantra means to bind. Tantra is what you see on the outside. It is a mechanism, the physics of understanding life. It is woven into the web of the world we live in. I have I read tantra, I absorbed it, practiced it spiritually, then I wanted to make it my arena. I entered a world that men already dominated, and from there the story of my struggle began. In 2015 I participated in Nashik Kumbh for the first time and made my arena.The woman who until now was present among men as Aghori Tantrik and they did not have any problem with it , as soon as she wanted to work independently by building her arena, she started knocking in the eyes of men.”

“Woman is just a body everywhere, and man only wants his dominion over her. But I made sure not to let that happen to me and worked with my knowledge and mastered this world of tantras. I not only learned but helped many people around me to have a life-changing positive attitude,” she added.

After graduating, she became an anchorite and also excelled in wiccan, tantrika, spirit hunting, psychic medium, gypsy, voodoo anthropologist, singer and the author. With so much talent in her bag, she is an active social worker and founder of “Sarweshvari Shakti International Women Akhara”. Due to her incendiary personality, she recognizes herself as “Singh Vahini”, meaning “Lion Rider Durga”.

Having completed her double doctorate in occultism at the University of Chicago, Illinois, USA, Sshivani leads numerous workshops and healing sessions. At the same time, she sells her metaphysical and spiritual supplies like candles, herbs, crystals, spell kits (love, money, work, protection, health), oils for love, money, luck, protection, evil eye, psychic powers, Dream Magick. , Visions, charms, amulets, occult jewelry and talismans. Through all these products, she makes sure that each individual gets the right product according to their needs to solve their problems. Its mission is to present Aghor Tantra in a positive light. And also, how it can help Nation and Dharma. She also fought to bring tantra to scholars for better understanding of people.

Due to her impeccable talent and plethora of knowledge, she is the first female Aghori in the world. Because of this, she was also seen on the reality show Bigg Boss 11 as one of the house contestants. Undoubtedly, if anyone has to seek advice on occult science, Maa Sshivani Durga is the right person to look up to.