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Maltese art exhibition raises funds to save Church in Sliema

Maltese artist JP Migneco is producing an experimental art exhibition, titled Virtuality, which will raise funds for the Church of the Holy Trinity in Sliema.

“Virtuality will include experimental works of art that explore ideas related to increasing urban and virtual environments,” the artist said.

Wied il-Ghasri

“These representations have been adapted to reflect ideas of separation between human culture and nature in an increasingly complex technological world,” he continued.

Wied Znuber

Wied Znuber

Migneco’s body of work incorporates grid patterns as metaphors for models of built environments and digital landscapes.

This will be the first art exhibition held at Bishop’s House, which is part of the Church of the Holy Trinity, and the event will donate a percentage of each work sold to the church for its restoration.

The exhibition opens tonight at 7 p.m.

Rdum l-Aħmar - ODZ Land - Digital media - 2019 - 50x28cm

Rdum l-Aħmar – ODZ Land – Digital media – 2019 – 50x28cm

The Church of the Holy Trinity is an Anglican church adjacent to the episcopal house built in 1855 as the residence of the vicar.

The church itself dates back to 1866 when it was first opened to the public and consecrated a year later by Bishop Walter Trower of Gibraltar on April 23. The Reverend Dr Thomas Burbidge was the first vicar of the church.

Ras id Dawwara - 50x25cm - color study

Ras id Dawwara – 50x25cm – color study

The Church and Bishop’s House were built on land acquired by Jane Trower, daughter of Walter Trower, Bishop of Gibraltar, for £ 1,050.

She intended to donate the property to the Diocese of Europe, but the law did not allow a single woman to donate more than £ 50.

Her father therefore became a party to the deed of donation and reimbursed her the money.

The Church of the Holy Trinity

The Church of the Holy Trinity

Migneco is an artist who lives and works in Malta.

After obtaining a Master of Fine Arts in Digital Arts at the University of Malta, he made his first solo exhibition in Valletta in 2018.

The work he produces involves drawing, painting and digital media applications.

Migneco is interested in bringing different subjects together in order to create an interdisciplinary art form, which is why his work process includes a lot of planning and experimentation.

His work is often inspired by ideas related to landscape painting, geometry and color theory.

It incorporates methods of reinterpreting images of symbolic objects and places through the use of illusory color patterns that are often derived from notions related to modern art, physics, geology and technology. .

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