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Local artist Bob Rives will exhibit artwork at the Lake Travis Library

Lakeway artist Bob Rives will present a collection of pencil and charcoal drawings to the Lake Travis Community Library in July as part of his monthly series featuring local creators. The series allows artists to show and sell their art, and Rives has decided to donate any proceeds he makes to the library rather than the usual 15%.

Rives said he took up drawing as a hobby a few years ago when he retired and moved with his wife to a ranch in the Lakeway area. Before he started drawing, he liked to make woodcarvings. He said many of his works focus on religious subjects or indigenous people.

“I just like to draw good, solid characters,” he said. “I like to draw people like Mother Teresa or mother and child art.”

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Born and raised in Tennessee, Rives served in the military, completing a tour of duty in the United States Army. He attended Texas A&M University and the University of Alabama and earned degrees in math and physics. During his 30-year career, Rives spent most of his time working as an international oil exploration geophysicist.

Notable portraits in his library display will include Dame Judi Dench and Johnny Cash, as well as drawings of other images that caught his eye, such as the Oxford Bridge.

Library director Morgan McMillian said it’s an important part of the library’s role in the community to support local artists.

“We love exposing our community to this talent, it’s another great way to learn,” she said. “You can learn from books, you can learn from programs, but we certainly believe you can learn from art and we are grateful to have the support of artists in our community.”

Art from the June exhibit by local artist Diane Whooley is still available until the end of the month in the library’s meeting room, McMillian said. Whooley was born and raised in Ireland and works on a variety of landscapes, portraits and abstracts on canvas.

McMillian said the artistic committee will meet in the fall and solicit nominations to select monthly artists for 2023.

Notable portraits in the Bob Rives exhibit at the Lake Travis Community Library will include that of Dame Judi Dench.

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Rives will also host a reception on Saturday, July 16 from 1 to 2 p.m. at the library, where members of the community can come and discover his art. He said he was happy to interact with people and talk about his work.

More information about Rives can be found online at