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Linneo Health announces GMP certification of quality control laboratory by AEMPS

Linnéo Health announcement BPF certificate of Quality control laboratorypublic speaking by aEMPS

  • Company owns oone of the most advanced cannabis quality control laboratories in Europe

  • Certificate offers an unrivaled offer to partners through to bringis lying all in-house cultivation, analysis and manufacturing operations

  • BPF re-certification also granted for post-harvest installation

Madrid, Spain 21 October 2021: Linneo Health, a global leader in the research, cultivation and supply of cannabis to improve human health and well-being, today announces the renewal of its Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) certification by the Spanish Agency for medicines and medical products (Agencia Española de Medicamentos y Productos Sanitarios or AEMPS), including its new quality control laboratory, which brings advanced and cutting-edge analytical and release capabilities to the cannabis cultivation offering existing company.

GMP certification of the Company’s facilities in Murcia, southern Spain, which is recognized by other leading regulatory agencies around the world, including the European Medicines Agency, all National Medicines Agencies within the EU and a number of additional agencies outside the EU, allows Linneo to continue to set the benchmark for quality in the research, cultivation and supply of medicinal cannabis.

Thanks to its new fully operational quality control laboratory – one of the most advanced cannabis quality control laboratories in Europe – Linneo Health now has the in-house capabilities to analyze its dried flower and cannabis extracts to ensure the standards of highest pharmaceutical grade manufacturing of its product. are achieved. Thanks to its cutting-edge technology, Linneo can undertake microbial and physico-chemical analyzes of all cannabis samples, using analytical methods validated to meet not only European regulations, but also broader global regulations. Removing all of the outsourced steps usually required in the industry for such regulatory batch release analysis and testing will streamline Linneo’s operations, save time and provide better service to customers, and in turn. ultimately, to patients who need it.

Along with the GMP certification of its quality control laboratory, Linneo’s postharvest facility has also received GMP re-certification, extending its validity until 2024 and confirming the company’s unparalleled focus on quality and the clinical standards which are the cornerstone of its activity.

Don Bellamy, CEO of Linneo Health, commented: The certification of our new Quality control laboratorypublic speaking is an important step in our journey towards establish Linneo as a leader in the field of medical cannabis, providing us an incomparable ability to ensure that all processes are strictly in accordance with global regulatory requirements. We believe that patients around the world deserve to be treated with the highest quality cannabis medicine and that that is why our product will always be the highest quality for our partners. The BPF re-certification of our post-harvest facility is further proof of Linneo’s key differentiator – our commitment to quality.

Maria jose Garcia, Quality and RA Director by Linneo Santé, added: For our new state ofthe-art quality control laboratoryYes to be Validated by a globally recognized regulatory body means we can continue To develop and to bring the topis-quality cannabis products. Our advanced intern capabilities, who are rare for cannabis dry flower manufacturers, further away reaffirm our position as market leadernm

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On Linnéo Health

Linneo Health is a global leader based in Europe in the research, EU-GMP certified manufacture and supply of medicinal cannabis flowers, extracts and products to pharmaceutical partners developing innovative cannabis therapies for patients in the need. The world’s only vertically integrated medical cannabis supplier, no other company has Linneo’s 90-year heritage in the manufacture and movement of controlled substances. Linneo is uniquely positioned to meet the needs of its customers at every stage of product development, regulation and handling.

Linneo Health sets the benchmark for standards and customer service in the medical cannabis industry. Through continued investments in one of the most advanced quality control laboratories in Europe and the application of state-of-the-art cultivation techniques, Linneo is the trusted partner to meet the needs of today’s customers and , with significant expansion capacities, meeting the demands of tomorrow. With an unrivaled focus on quality and driven by the firm belief that people around the world deserve to be treated with the highest quality cannabis-based medicines, Linneo brings cutting-edge innovations to its partners in medicinal cannabis, to provide better patient outcomes and improve lives.


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