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karma strikes: Karma Strikes, the next from Free Art Productions, will make it a rollercoaster ride

Free Art Productions is proud to bring “Karma Strikes” directed by award-winning Kartik Swaminathan Venkatraman to global audiences in theaters Q2 2022. Karma Strikes is a family drama, romantic love story and intense thriller that will take you on a roller coaster ride with constant twists. A film powered by good performances, melodious songs, beautiful locations, a tight script, and good direction promises to entertain audiences and at the same time leave them with watery eyes as they exit theaters. It was shot in India and USA and boasts of extremely talented artists from all over the world including Japan, South Korea, Turkey, Brazil and our Indian talent.

The film’s cast was carefully chosen after hundreds of auditions and includes theater artists who have made several short films. however, they are newcomers when it comes to acting in feature films and outsiders with no connection to the film industry. Although Karma Strikes has a very engaging story, the story behind the making of the film is equally engaging. The screenplay for the film was written in 2010 by Kartik, who at the time was working as a senior director at Bank of America. If he always wanted to be a filmmaker from an early age, his family conditions did not allow him to embark on a field where there is no guarantee of income. His wife; Aafren Karim, was extremely encouraging and wanted him to pursue his childhood passion. Finally, in 2019, Kartik quit his job, studied film at the New York Film Academy, directed 5 short films which won several awards, rewrote the screenplay of Karma Strikes to make it more relevant for the current generation and prepared to present it. to production houses.

Karma Strikes Trailer

The biggest problem was that the film featured strangers who were also unfamiliar faces. Even though the producers liked the story, they wanted the actors to be well-known faces in the industry. There were two options available to Kartik and his team – either change the cast or produce it themselves. And they chose the latter.

Free Art Productions, which was set up as a production company in 2020 by Aafreen and Kartik, was to produce the film. With immense support from family and friends, they raised the necessary funds to start the film. When they ran out of financial means, they sold their own house in Mumbai to complete the production of the film. The film was shot under difficult circumstances during and after the 2nd wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. Finally, after facing all the difficulties, it was completed against all odds thanks to the hard work, talent and self-confidence of a team of foreigners.

Director Kartik Venkatraman thinks viewers will be overjoyed by his team’s honest efforts to make an entertaining film.