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Jordanna Sparkburn and more concept art revealed on Star Wars: The High Republic Show


Get your first look at the characters of Out of the shadows and other books and comics in phase I of the multimedia initiative.

A new episode of Star Wars: The High Republic Show is here – and new character concept art from the Wave 2 books was revealed in the latest installment.

Meet Sylvestri Yarrow’s Girlfriend Jordanna Sparkburn featured in Out of the shadows. The MP for San Tekka spends her days with her hunting cat, Remy.

Concept art by Chancey Yarrow

Sylvestri’s mother, Chancey Yarrow, was a remarkable hyperspace physicist before her ship was attacked by Nihil Raiders, resulting in her mysterious disappearance.

Concept art M-227

After being abandoned, Sylvestri spent her time in the company of her mother’s old security droid, M-227, one of the few things Syl could call his own.

Concept art by Xylan Graf

The show revealed the new concept art of Xylan Graf, an expert in theoretical hyperspace physics from a powerful family.

Concept art by Neeto Janajana

Also from Out of the shadows, the pilot of the Go back, Neeto Janajana, who was rescued from his contract with the Byne Guild by Chancey Yarrow.

Concept art by Ghirra Starros

Although we first met her in A test of courage, Avon Starros’ mother Ghirra Starros also plays a role in Out of the shadows.


And finally, we have a new character from The Adventures of the High Republic Annual: Alys “Crash” Ongwa, 16, and her droid K8.

Learn more about these characters in the latest episode of Star Wars: The High Republic Show below!

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