Particle physics experiments

Human: Fall Flat lets you perform all your disastrous dream experiments in a new lab level

Everyone’s favorite platform and puzzle game, Human Fall Flat, is about to be leveled up. The game’s global publisher, 505 Games, along with Curve Games and developer No Brakes Games have added a new lab level to the popular physics-based title.

The Laboratory is the winning step of Buler’s Worldwide Workshop. Curve Games and No Brakes Games could only truly celebrate this amazing creation by adding it as a playable scene to Human Fall Flat. Overall, the lab is the 18th level of Human Fall Flat and it will be a place to play with magnetism and electricity.

Describing the addition of the new level and upcoming future content for gamers, Gary Rowe, vice president of franchise at Curve Games said: “Buler’s Level is a favorite for Human Fall Flat fans on PC, so we’re excited to bring it to the mobile version today. We plan to continue building on the success of No Brakes Games with even more impressive free post-release content over the next year or so.

So put on your lab coats and protective sunglasses because it’s time to experiment! While a real lab would have kept you from doing all of this, Human Fall Flat’s Secret Lab allows you to do anything that could cause your lab to explode.

Explore your inner science geek as you swing around the lab, creating a hilarious and chaotic experience using magnets and electricity, then watch the results of the abomination you just created. You and up to three of your friends can operate independently of the characters and wave their arms while performing crazy experiments. Ported from PC to mobile, the 18th level of Human Fall Flat, the Lab is sure to add another spark to the already beloved physics-based platformer game.

Go crazy in the lab by downloading Human Fall Flat for $ 4.99 from the App Store and Google Play. The game is available in North America, Europe, Oceania, and parts of Asia.

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