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Historic moment for Indian art and culture as Vishwarang reaches millions of viewers worldwide in over 25 countries

The festival which celebrates Indian literature, culture, art, music and cinema creates history with hard-hitting performances and a celebration of traditional Indian art forms and culture across the globe BHOPAL, India, Dec. 1, 2021 / PRNewswire / – ‘Vishwarang 2021’ – the world festival of art, culture and literature has had an exciting closure with the promise to return in 2022, with a message of peace and unity across the world. The month-long festival was inaugurated by Union Minister Prahlad Patel in the presence of Vishwarang Director Aditi Vats to highlight the vision led by the social entrepreneur, the Chancellor of the RNTU and the general manager of Vishwarang, Mr. Santosh Chaubey. Minister Prahlad Patel also launched the “Vishwarang” website, created to focus on the cultural trends and creativity of the younger generation. Mr. Patel also unveiled the idol of Rabindranath Tagore, which put the glitz and spectacle a step ahead, as well as a “yatra” at Rabindranath Tagore University (RNTU).

Cabinet ministers from Madhya Pradesh -M. Kamal Patel, Mr. Vishwas Sarang and Ms. Pragya Thakur were the guests in attendance at the “Vishwarang 2021” mega event.

The third edition of Vishwarang was opened with a press conference in collaboration with thirty countries, who participated in seeking inspiration from the goal of harmony of “Vishwarang”, set three years ago when the festival began. . Defined with the vision of encompassing literature and the arts while emphasizing the universal aspect and nature of Indian language and culture, Vishwarang has amplified the festival to be seen and accepted on a global platform. Main Highlights of Vishwarang 2021 This year the festival was in a hybrid format and events took place on both offline and online platforms, reaching around 42 million people in over 25 countries. Vishwarang festival was all the rage. 2 on Twitter across India during the event and content around Indian art and culture was viewed by 18 million viewers.

Partner Country Festival – The Partner Country Festival continued from November 10-24 with various discussions on Indian culture, classical art and children’s literature, with the participation of the Netherlands, New Zealand and the United States. 26 countries participated in the Vishwarang Partner Country Festival and various other arts and literature events. The virtual sessions in America, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Spain, Russia, Ukraine and the United Arab Emirates saw the participation of culture enthusiasts. It is worth noting that the Vishwarang festival which emerged from central India is now more and more famous in other countries. The first session of the day, addressed from the Netherlands, was chaired by Gandhi Kendra’s director, Mr. Mohan Singh. Mr. Mohan said that the purpose of children’s literature is not only to entertain but also to enhance the personality of our students. Through literature, we can give strength to the growing minds of children, so that the spirit of dedication and culture can be instilled in them. Vishwarang Youth Festival – Vishwarang Youth Festival featured some of the most popular Indian artists and groups like Indian Ocean, Twin Strings Band, Ustad Rashid Khan, Salman Ali, Mame Khan, Jaspinder Narula and Maithili Thakur for n to name a few. An international Mushaira presented poets and Shayars like Shakeel Azmi, Khushbeer Singh Shad, Farhat Shahzad, Rajesh Reddy, Deepti Mishra, Nusrat Mehdi, Parveen Kaif, Alok Srivastava, Badr Vasti and others presented their plays. There was also a special cultural performance by Kathak dancer Kshama Malviya. Children’s Literature, Art & Music Festival – Children’s Literature, Art & Music Festival hosted by Get Set Parent with Pallavi, one of the largest parenting channels in India. The fun online extravaganza for kids had world class performances including a puppet show and workshop by renowned IGT Satyajit Padhye, music concert and workshop by Subramaniam Academy of Performing Art (Kavita Krishnamurthy’s Academy) , storytelling sessions by master storytellers from publishers like Amar Chitra Katha, Karadi Tales, Tulika, Pratham, etc. Several workshops were also organized by famous artists from all over India, on arts and crafts, theater, photography, creative writing, illustrations, mandala design, dance, music, etc. Swangwale Performing Arts and the Social Work Committee presented the piece R2G2, written and directed by Dhanendra Kawade. There was a session with the editor of Tinkle Comics Studio, who spoke about children’s literature. Vishwarang International Children’s Film Festival – Writer, actor and director Amole Gupte, known for his work on Bollywood films like Taare Zameen Par, Stanley ka Dabba, Kaminey and others, was also a guest of the Festival du children’s film. He answered questions on behalf of the children asked by Sudip Sohni, co-director of Vishwarang, where he said he felt safe and happy with the children because they are honest. Gupte added that he always wanted to be by the side of children while remaining childish, to reduce his frustration with the pressures of adulthood. He believes films should be taught in schools, along with other subjects, such as physics and chemistry. Leading children’s filmmakers like Sanjay Chauhan, Narayan Parshruman and Saumitra Ranade interacted with art critic Vinay Upadhyay on issues related to film production during the afternoon sessions. A famous children’s film “Pahuna: The Little Visitors” was screened at the Vishwarang Festival, an Indo-Nepalese language film produced by Priyanka Chopra and directed by Pakhi Tyrewala. After the screening, the film’s co-producer, Pragya Rathore, interacted with the young people, talked about the nuances of cinema and children’s cinema.

The AISECT group of universities organized a program called ” Shikshak Samman ” to congratulate teachers who have done a great job for education. The teachers who will be congratulated later this year were announced at the closing ceremony of “Vishwarang-2021”. At least six teachers were selected across the country through online student voting. Speaking about the festival, Mr. Santosh Kumar Chaubey said: “Vishwarang is not only a matter of knowledge or education, it is also a matter of harmony and diversity. This edition of Vishwarang is dedicated to 75 years of cultural independence. The aim of Vishwarang is to celebrate the true spirit of poetry, art, music, culture and literature to a global audience. Over the past 10 days, we have had artists and eminent personalities from over 25 countries come together to illuminate and appreciate their country’s culture, art and literature. We will be back next year with the 4th edition of Vishwarang where more people can have the chance to broaden their horizons and enhance cultural awareness of the culture and heritage of India and celebrate it through the world. ” Closing of the 3rd edition, Rabindranath The University of Tagore has set the tone for the next edition of the festival scheduled for 2022. The festival will return with more grandeur and the promise to fascinate art and art lovers. culture around the world.

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