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Flinn Scientific offers free new lab safety certification courses for teachers

BATAVIA, IL (AUGUST 19, 2022) Flinn Scientific publishes free, updated laboratory safety courses designed specifically for middle and high school science teachers.

Just in time for the 2022-2023 school year, Flinn Scientific has released new lab safety courses for middle and high school science teachers. Offered free of charge, these asynchronous courses can be taken in a single session and are intended to help science teachers create the safest possible learning environments for their students. These courses are aimed at novice science teachers as well as experienced educators. Some states may even offer Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for passing courses.

“Many teachers may have had limited exposure to safety practices in their educator preparation program, but we all know that creating a safe learning environment is critically important, especially when performing experiments in the lab,” says Michael Lavelle, CEO of Flinn Scientific.

“Unfortunately, accidents happen every year in school labs. At Flinn, we believe it is our responsibility to provide resources to educate teachers and administrators about safe practices.

“As students and teachers return to in-person learning, reinforcing safety protocols is even more important today than in the past,” Lavelle continues. “After leaving the school building for several years, students may not be aware of safe laboratory practices. It is essential that teachers have the knowledge and tools they need to create labs where students can learn science safely. »

Flinn’s comprehensive collection of safety courses can be accessed through PAVO, Flinn’s digital solutions platform. To get started, teachers simply need to go to and create an account, add the free lessons to their dashboard, and then take the lessons at their own pace. To explore and implement the wide variety of resources offered by PAVO, teachers can activate a free trial by visiting

About PAVO

Advance your scientific solutions with PAVO, by Flinn Scientific. PAVO is our award-winning, all-in-one digital platform containing over 7000 customizable lessons, labs and assessments in Chemistry, Biology, Environmental Science, Physics, Physical Science, life sciences, earth and space sciences, and STEM tools, all aligned with next-generation science standards. The passion of our scientists, educators and instructional designers is evident in over 3,000 instructional videos and augmented and virtual reality simulations. Simply put, PAVO is the solution science educators need to extend and enrich learning and bring science to life for all learners. To learn more, visit

About Flinn Scientific

For more than four decades, Flinn Scientific has been a trusted partner of STEM, STEAM and science education professionals, and the best source for quality laboratory educational supplies, tools and resources, and essential safety guidelines. Always attuned to the changing learning environments of today, Flinn Scientific provides products, digital solutions and professional development opportunities that enable teachers to engage and inspire the next generation of scientists. Flinn Scientific is committed to supporting teachers as they help students develop the content knowledge, critical thinking, and inquiry skills they will need to succeed in higher education and 21 century. To learn more, visit

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