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Fall Flat update now available (version 1.5.4), Laboratory level added

Human: Fall Flat update now available on Switch (version 1.5.4), Laboratory level added

Posted on Mar 19, 2022 by Brian(@NE_Brian) in News, Switch

Human: Fall Lab Flat

Human: Fall Flat continues to grow, and Switch players now have access to more content thanks to version 1.5.4, which added the Lab level.

The scene was produced by “Buler”, which won a Worldwide Workshop competition. There is plenty of room for experimental exploration of magnetism and electricity here.

Below is an official preview of the Laboratory level in Human: Fall Flat:

Wander through a secret lab filled with new toys demonstrating the hilarious and chaotic results of these science concepts. Gather up to three friends and independently use the arms of adorable characters to interact with these experiences, each adding a new wrinkle to Human Fall Flat’s physics-based gameplay.

We also have the following trailer:

Human: Fall Flat has added a number of free levels over the years. In May 2021 for example, a forest step was made available on Switch. We have also seen City and Golf in November 2020.

Human: Fall Flat originally launched for Switch in December 2017. It is sold both physically and digitally.