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Evolution of AI: Copying of works of art is massive now, copyright laws soon?

Artificial intelligence is evolving as we know it, and many people are using it to create digital retouchings of different artists’ works to help restore or create new works of art. However, one of its most significant traits now is to imitate the signature style and technique of a particular artist, which is both a positive and negative trait of the development of technology.

Artists are getting “ripped off” for their art style, which could soon be a copyright issue.

AI evolves and is able to copy styles and artworks

(Photo: Andrés Guadamuz via Twitter)

According The Wired Report, the AI ​​is evolving in the present and is now able to copy specific artworks and styles from different artists whose creations are already available for public consumption. It’s the next generation of AI now, and it only goes to show that it can be a positive and a negative trait as some artists feel like something is being taken away from them in the process.

The report claims that these types of technology make artists feel like their livelihoods are in jeopardy, especially since the AI ​​can create a near-replica of the artwork from specific names. There are many examples of this, and one of them is a system called “MidJourney”, where users focus on imitating art from already produced works available online.

AI is best known for consuming information produced from different sources and creating replicas or something new based on knowledge of a specific piece.

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Law scholar demonstrates AI art production

Wired said a University of Sussex lawyer, Dr. Andres Guadamuz, tests systems and creates artwork using AI who studies legal issues related to intellectual property law and to AI-generated art. Dr Guadamuz posts the AI-generated artwork via his Twitter pagewhere he uses the “MidJourney” system to draw public attention to the creation of the AI.

AI and its technology now

AI is one of the most advanced technologies today. It focuses on a business regarding deep learning, one of its important methods to collect information and familiarize with a specific process to help humans. Through the AI’s deep dive into multiple studies and topics to achieve their goal, they can create new ways to help give new treatments to these.

Developers create AI to produce things far beyond the capabilities of the human brain, something that is relentless in its thought process and develops solutions to problems or tasks given to technology.

The world now benefits greatly from the development of AI, and the technology gives researchers and its developers more than expected from the technology through their creation of the program or system. One of his most spectacular examples is his approach to alternative physics, bringing innovation to study.

Scientists and researchers have already applied AI to different studies and fields, one being in the art sector or industry, where many artists have mixed reactions as to how it creates work. or the task. Not all AIs are good, with some having several negative connotations, especially one that copies the art styles and techniques of well-known artists.

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