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Eight Nobel Laureates, NASA’s first Armenian astronomer expected for STARMUS festival in Armenia – Public Radio of Armenia


Armenia will host the 6th STARMUS Science and Arts Festival next year. Armenian President Armen Sarkissian, STARMUS Festival Founding Director Garik Israelyan, High Tech Industry Ministers Vahagn Khachatryan and Education, Science, Culture and Sports Minister Vahram Dumanyan made the announcement in the framework of the Armenian Summit of Spirits in Dilijan.

In announcing the festival, President Sarkissian said it will bring together thousands of participants from different parts of the world.

“This is the best way to encourage our young people, because their future, the future of their families, the future of Armenia will be linked to new technologies, ideas and sciences. The greatest wealth of our country are people, talented people. These people must be supported, helped to develop. The best way is to educate and encourage the younger generation and make them believe that they really have a future, both in Armenia and in the world. STARMUS was about rock music and astronomy before the fifth festival, and the sixth STARMUS, which will be held in Armenia, will be different. It will be a festival on music in general, from classical to rock, it will be a festival not only on astronomy, astrology, but also on modern science in general, from astronomy, physics to biology, artificial intelligence, ”he added.

Founding director of the Garik Israelyan festival said it was twice recognized as the best science festival in the world.

“We are proud of this because there are more than 50 science festivals around the world. The science format is very well known in the United States, Germany and Australia, but there has never been a science festival in Armenia, ”Garik Israelyan said.

He noted that the main goal of the festival is to connect society with science, as there is a big gap, which is widening.

“If we want to create a link between society, science and technology, we think of very complex formulas, including STARMUS. We want this link to be established, strengthened and always maintained, ”he added.

Announcing the first 30 participants, Israelyan said there would be eight Nobel Laureates, the first Armenian NASA astronaut James Baghian, who will make his first visit to Armenia, iPod creator Tony Fadell and others.



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