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Does neutron research confirm real portals? Scientists have found no evidence of parallel universes

Oak Ridge National Laboratory has done neutron research that could potentially confirm the existence of actual portals. It got the internet thinking of the “Upside Down” in Stranger Things. However, scientist Leah Broussard was quick to explain, according to the Gaming Bible.

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This long exposure photo taken with a fisheye lens early on August 14, 2021 shows the Milky Way galaxy rising above the Judean Mountains between Jericho in the occupied West Bank and Ein Gedi in Israel.

Broussard said the “portal” used in their world is figurative. She said they were looking for new ways to interact with the dark matter that makes up much of the universe.

So far they haven’t been able to open the portal and they haven’t found any evidence of parallel universes or new interactions with the dark sector or neutrons. However, they haven’t given up hope yet, and that’s because they believe it’s really possible that neutrons that transform into dark matter aren’t just susceptible to their experiment. With this, they plan to make more sensitive researchers and future experiments.

Responding to speculation that they’re trying to open portals to parallel universes, “My reaction to reading a headline like this is to say, ‘Well, that sounds really cool. I wonder what they’re doing because it really doesn’t like my research,” Broussard said, according to Roanoke.

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Neutrons and mirror matter

The theorized mirror sector, sometimes referred to as the mirror universe, is believed to be just another spy of the items and interactions we have in the universe.

It’s not the same as a parallel universe because if it is, it would exist in the same spacetime, which is part of our universe.

The mirror sector, on the other hand, would not be in the space-time of our universe. It would be in another space-time, and it might not even be connected to our universe at all. This is where the idea of ​​a portal comes in. The portal is the connection to the other space-time.

Now, you may think that’s exactly the same as a parallel universe, but it’s not. A parallel universe shares the same physics and the same laws as ours. There are only two different universes that were created at the same time.

With the mirror sector, physics and laws would be different. In fact, they may not even be the same as ours. In addition, the mirror sector would not even be created at the same time as ours. In fact, it could be created much later or even earlier than ours.

So what does this have to do with neutrons? Neutron, as we all know, is an uncharged particle which has a neutral charge and is made up of three quarks. But some theories say neutrons aren’t the only form of matter. It is possible that there is another form of matter that interacts with the matter that we have, and it is called dark matter. This dark matter is considered mirror matter.

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