Particle physics research

DOE announces $6.4 million for AI research in high-energy physics

October 6, 2022 — The US Department of Energy (DOE) today announced $6.4 million in funding for three Initial Department of Energy National Laboratory Team Projects in Artificial Intelligence Research for High Energy Physics. These awards support the DOE Office of Science (SC) initiative in artificial intelligence research to use AI techniques to make scientific discoveries that would not otherwise be possible and to expand participation in physics research high energies.

“Artificial intelligence research is critical to maximizing the science of DOE SC-funded research programs,” said Harriet Kung, Acting Associate Director of Science for High Energy Physics. “These awards represent new partnerships between researchers at DOE National Laboratories, universities, and the private sector that will enable the next discoveries in high-energy physics.”

Projects include:

  • Use deep learning to accurately calculate particle interactions and improve theoretical predictions.
  • Develop publicly available standardized reference datasets to broaden participation in high energy physics research.
  • Create new methods for more reliable and robust machine learning using physics-inspired models where humans cannot be in the decision-making loop.

The projects are the first selected into the Team Path by competitive peer review under the DOE’s Funding Opportunity Announcement for Research in Artificial Intelligence for High-Energy Physics (DE-FOA- 0002705). Other awards from this solicitation are yet to be announced.

Total funding for these awards is $6.4 million for three-year projects, with $4.1 million in fiscal year 2022 dollars and out-of-year funding dependent on congressional appropriations. The list of projects and more information can be found here.

Source: DOE Office of Science