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Doctor Strange Gets Weird Fan Art He Deserves In Stained Glass Mosaic


The Adventures of Doctor Strange are some of the most trippy in comics, and now a new piece of stained glass fan art is recreating that quirky vibe perfectly.

Fans of Doctor strange Know that his adventures can be some of the most trippy in comics, as the Sorcerer Supreme takes readers to worlds beyond their own, introducing them to fantastic and terrifying monsters. Now a new stained glass fan art piece perfectly recreates the bizarre aesthetic that fans have loved for the past 60 years.

Since its first appearance in the years 1963 Strange Tales # 110, Doctor Strange has taken readers on some of Marvel’s most compelling psychedelic odyssey. Thanks to artists such as Steve Ditko (who co-created Doctor Strange with Stan Lee), Frank Brunner, Chris Bachalo and others, the Adventures of the Sorcerer Supreme often have a more interesting visual flair than some of his contemporaries, in part thanks to the fantastic mystical dimensions in which Doctor Strange frequently finds himself, as well as the horrific monsters he fights there, such as the dreaded Dormammu, Nightmare and Shuma-Gorath.


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In a post on Twitter, the artist Todd turner shared the room, calling him “Strange Church Stained Glass.” The play shows Doctor Strange, levitating in the air, his back to the reader, his cloak puffed out. He is in his lair, the Sanctum Sanctorum, here seen in all its psychedelic splendor. His hands are positioned as if he is casting spells, and beneath him floats the Eye of Agamotto, one of the sources of his power. Turner thanks Jed MacKay and Marcelo Ferreira, who currently write and draw, respectively, the Death of Doctor Strange. Turner also thanks Steve Ditko.

Doctor Strange deals with threats that no other Marvel Heroes can, and he goes places where they can’t. The types of threats Doctor Strange faces come from outside of mundane reality, where the laws of physics don’t apply – so anything is possible. Turner’s art captures this perfectly, reminiscent of Ditko’s mid-60s pencils. The stained-glass medium enhances the bizarre vibe that accompanies Doctor Strange and the intrusive realms of magic that have made him stand out since its inception. Turner is a prolific creator of mosaic fan art, from Spider-Man statues to the magnificent artwork of the Human Torch, The Thing, and Superman. But while these pieces are impressive in their own way, this piece’s scintillating ignorance makes the mosaic a particularly striking means of honoring the Supreme Sorcerer.

For almost 60 years, Doctor strange amazed fans with some of the most visually interesting comics in the Marvel Universe, and now artist Todd Turner has recreated that bizarre vibe into a perfect work of stained glass fan art.

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