Particle physics research

Cooperation for laser nuclear fusion research

  • Powerful high-intensity lasers at the Center for Advanced Laser Applications will enable experiments to explore laser nuclear fusion
  • The Free State of Bavaria supports the collaboration with 2.5 million euros
  • Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität (LMU) and the Munich start-up Marvel Fusion GmbH have signed a cooperation agreement in the field of laser research in Garching.

    As part of the planned collaboration, scientists will undertake joint research on the new approach developed by Marvel Fusion for nuclear laser fusion. It is intended to enable a secure, clean and reliable energy supply in the future. The collaboration, which the Free State of Bavaria is supporting with 2.5 million euros, also includes the upgrade of one of the most powerful laser systems in the world at the LMU.

    Markus Blume, Bavarian Minister of State for Science and the Arts, says: “This ‘fusion’ ushers in a new era: nuclear fusion has always been a dream; with this scientific progress, now comes a specific hope. Laser-induced inertial fusion of hydrogen and boron enables clean nuclear fusion. This has the potential to revolutionize energy production. Europe needs energy sovereignty. In Bavaria, we have the courage to do pioneering work: the partnership between LMU and Marvel Fusion is full of entrepreneurship and technological progress!

    Dr. hc Bernd Huber, President of the LMU, welcomes the new cooperation: “The Laser Physics Group at LMU Munich has long been conducting outstanding fundamental research worldwide with future-oriented applications in a wide range of domains. It also provides the basis for many spin-offs and collaborations with companies in new technology areas, such as with Marvel Fusion. I wish this collaboration every success!

    The Center for Advanced Laser Applications on the Garching campus near Munich already has one of the most powerful high-intensity lasers in the world. During their five-year collaboration, the partners plan to further expand this facility. This will allow scientists to conduct experiments on laser-matter interaction and high-field ion acceleration that were previously impossible. These experiments will, in turn, allow Marvel Fusion to validate important parameters of its laser fusion technology.

    Dr. Georg Korn, Physicist and Chief Technology Officer at Marvel Fusion, says: “Laser fusion technology can make a crucial contribution to Europe’s energy transition and energy sovereignty as it enables the unlimited production of carbon-free electricity. The collaboration with LMU is an important step for Marvel Fusion as it brings us closer to the goal of commercial power generation using laser fusion technology.

    High-power, short-pulse laser technology is constantly being developed to the highest scientific level at the Center for Advanced Laser Applications. This continually opens up new fields of application – from basic physics to energy research. The Center is also the first such facility for medical applications. Long-term goals include the early detection, localization and non-invasive treatment of cancerous tumors using laser-generated infrared beams, X-rays and particles.

    Professor Ferenc Krausz, Chair of Experimental Physics at LMU and Director of the Max Planck Institute for Quantum Optics in Garching, says: “We are fascinated by the possibilities offered by ultrashort pulses and high power lasers for research fundamental and to advance the diagnosis and treatment of cancer. We are excited that this research spectrum is now broadening to include another promising application area in energy research.

    Photos from the press conference will be available here from 12 p.m.: -bb635937191c

    More photos will follow during the day.

    Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (LMU)

    As one of Europe’s leading research universities, LMU Munich is committed to the highest international standards of excellence in research and teaching. Building on its tradition of scholarship spanning more than 500 years, LMU covers a wide range of disciplines, from the humanities and cultural sciences through law, economics and social studies to medicine and science. 18% of LMU’s 50,000 students come from abroad, hailing from 130 countries around the world. The craftsmanship and creativity of LMU scholars form the foundation of the University’s outstanding research record. This is also reflected in LMU’s designation as a “University of Excellence” as part of the National Excellence Strategy to promote high-level academic research.

    Laser physics is one of the most important research areas at LMU, located in the university’s Faculty of Physics. Scientists use state-of-the-art laser technology to observe and study the ultrafast movement of electrons in atoms, molecules and solids. The technologies they develop can make significant contributions in socially relevant fields such as energy research and medicine.

    Marvel Fusion

    Energy pioneer Marvel Fusion is developing a new energy source based on laser fusion to bring unlimited, CO2-free energy to the world in the future. The company was founded in Munich in 2019 and is working on fusion technology that dramatically increases the efficiency of fusion processes, soon making fusion available as a commercial energy source. The company’s goal is to make a decisive contribution to Europe’s energy transition and energy sovereignty.

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