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China’s first virtual ground lab officially goes into operation

The photo shows the entrance to China’s first virtual ground laboratory. (Photo/Chinese Information Service)

(ECNS) — China’s first virtual ground laboratory for the simulation of climate, environmental, ecological, earth and space weather systems, which can predict climate and environmental variability and more effectively mitigate natural disasters, has been officially commissioned on Monday.

Located in Huairou Science City, Beijing, EarthLab was jointly established by Tsinghua University and the Institute of Atmospheric Physics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS).

EarthLab can simulate the evolution of the atmosphere, hydrosphere, cryosphere, lithosphere and biosphere to better study their interaction and impact on the planet.

It is independently created by China and will improve the country’s voice in international climate negotiations.

Since its trial operation in June 2021, it has achieved a series of achievements in international climate change cooperation, national disaster relief and major event support, air pollution prevention and control. air, weather forecast and other fields.

Its construction began in November 2018 and was completed in March 2022.

It should help achieve the goals of carbon neutrality, peak carbon and the Beautiful China Initiative.