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BRIN opens 14 advanced laboratory facilities for oceanographic research

TEMPO.CO, JakartaThe National Agency for Research and Innovation (BRIN) inaugurated Tuesday, February 22 the Integrated Oceanographic Research Laboratory (Laterio) which has an Integrated Instrumentation Laboratory and 14 open laboratories. It is hoped that the lab can be used by various groups, not just BRIN researchers.

“I hope this will be a good start for all of us to improve ocean research not only in BRIN but also in Indonesia as a whole and involve at least the marine faculties in our country,” said BRIN Director Laksana Tri. Handoko, during installation. launch event in Ancol, North Jakarta on Tuesday, February 22.

The 14 laboratories include the Physical Oceanography Laboratory, Geospatial Information Systems Laboratory, Marine Microbiology Laboratory, Geology Laboratory, Heavy Metals Laboratory, Biogeochemistry Laboratory, Toxicology Laboratory, environment, the invertebrate laboratory, the plankton laboratory, the vertebrate laboratory, the marine botany laboratory, the microtechnology laboratory and the ecophysiology laboratory.

Acting Director of the BRIN Oceanographic Research Center Udhi Eko Hernawan explained that global marine research extends from coastal areas to the sediment zone.

“The scope of the research includes aspects of the community around the coastal zone, coastal ecosystems, ecosystem health, pollution, mangroves, seagrasses to watersheds,” he said. he declares. Besides, it also conducts other researches, such as oceanographic phenomena, physics, chemistry, and geology.

Meanwhile, the Integrated Instrumentation Laboratory is designed as a hub for Scientific Electronic Services Platform or ELSA BRIN with various laboratory analysis instruments which are commonly used by interdisciplinary marine science researchers. “This is an open platform service through the ELSA system (,” Udhi concluded.

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