Particle physics experiments

Bighorn Bulletin: Halloween Brings Science Experiments


Back row left to right: Lakota Casey, Kaylee Craig, Hannah Hammontree, Coach Dusty Casey, Reese Laca, Hazel Macedon, Raegan Johnson, Jocelyn Sorensen, Caitlin Oyler, Stevie Hiskett, Coach Loni Faught, Maleen Dahl. In the first row on the left are Kadence Wiessmer, Paisley Starr.

Halloween is not just the time for candy and spooky stories. Science experiments have been carried out across campus over the past two weeks, from the youngest kindergarten classes to the most advanced high school students.
Renfroe’s third-year class studied life cycles. In honor of Halloween, the class read the book “Pumpkin Jack”. They then carved their own classroom pumpkin named Carl and will observe the life cycle process until the end of the school year. The class will study it as it rots / decomposes, turns to mush and then comes back as a plant.
Kindergartens have designed their own shade structures to provide shade for the icicles. The students then documented what happened to the ice cubes left in the sun rather than in the shade.
Astronomy was the focus of Victoria Ponessa’s sixth grade class with students creating solar system scale models. The students measured the diameters of the planets, then measured the scale distances of the planets from the Sun.
The Halloween STEM activities continued with 1st grade classes creating a fence to keep the spooky carrots inside! The students had to cooperate with each other to build sturdy, foolproof fences.

The Manpower team consisted, from left to right, of the Manpower team – David Dodge, Charlie Arciniega, Mike Harrigan Ward Viera.

Middle School Girls Basketball ends the season strong
The seventh and eighth grade teams ended the 2021 college basketball season on a high note by competing in the 2021 Lakes Division tournament.
The seventh-year team finished first, beating Pyramid Lake in the championship game. The eighth-grade girls finished second in a nail-biting, losing 30-29 to Pyramid Lake also in the championship game.

Nice day for golf tournament
The second annual Oasis Academy golf tournament took place on October 16. The tournament raised just over $ 10,000 for the school’s academic and athletic programs. With a tournament almost sold out, Oasis’ support was deeply appreciated.
In addition to a scrabble-style golf competition, teams were also able to participate in games and entertainment on the course. This included a Halloween bucket chipping contest, a long distance marshmallow contest, a putting challenge, a hole-in-one prize, and a tee off game with the chance to win a golf bag. ‘nearly $ 400 worth of Vessel Golf.
Two teams tied for first place in scores and participated in a “chip-off” to determine the winner. David Halloran won the “chip-off” over 60 yards for his team to finish first. Halloran’s team also included Trevor Halloran, Joe Cushing, and Hadley Faught. Ed Smirnes, Jim Isbister, Andrew Palmer and Jeremy Burnett finished second. Trevor Halloran and Karla Kent won the challenge closest to the spit and Kevin Montgomery and Stephanie Mendez won the longer runs.
The tournament would not have been the success it has been without the generosity of sponsors and donors including: Manpower of Northern Nevada, A&K Earth Movers, Tedford Tire, City of Fallon, Banner Churchill Hospital, Dixon Golf, Macedon Law , Nevada Dental Arts, CC Communications, New Millenium, Financial Horizons, Berney Realty, Lane and Associates, Flo, Ranson Family Photography, Stockman’s Casino, The Grid, Ben Paul, Hiskett and Sons, In Stitches, The Not New Shop, Kent’s Supply , Entrance and Exit, Gemmy, Western Nevada College, The Fallon Post, Smashin ‘Good Time, Mt. Rose Ski Resort, Jeff and Virginia Knight, Frey Ranch Distillery, Diana Paul, Harmon Junction and The Fallon Golf Course.

David Halloran plays on a marshmallow in the Oasis Academy golf tournament.

The teacher shows fun in physics
By Hunter McNabb
Balloons fly across the room, children laugh, chat, and students are shot at chairs. What looks like chaos is actually a gripping physics lesson. ‘Mrs. B ‘(Jackie Bogdanowicz) always tries to bring humor into the classroom. Physics is generally one of the most difficult courses for students, so it always tries to bring lightness to a difficult subject.
Mrs B is also the FFA advisor of Oasis and brings pleasant snippets of information related to agriculture into the classroom. Discussions also included topics such as anthropomorphism, the act of humanizing animal behavior.

Hunter McNabb

This week in particular, the class started a new unit on the move. To involve the children, the students moved around on chairs to demonstrate Net Force. Not only did this make the class laugh, but it added to PowerPoint and helped a lot of kids understand the concept.
Another day the students regrouped and started a series of stations. Some let balloons fly around the classroom, others played with dominoes, and others jumped around the room. This controlled chaos scene was a series of labs performed by students. All of them showing different aspects of physics, such as air resistance, inertia and mass. Science has always been educational, but now it’s fun!

Song fills the halls of Oasis
By Sania Barnes
The Oasis Choir class is made up of middle and high school students. During the first two weeks, classes focused on learning vocal exercises. This included how to stay in your group while others are singing something different.
To keep the class interesting, Dana Barton taught students simple, catchy songs that included physical movement. For example, students sing “throw” and “catch”, pretending to throw and catch balls while singing. Barton also keeps his students engaged by getting ideas from the class, writing them down, and using them.
Recently, the class has started to prepare to audition for the Honorary Choir and even though it wasn’t until October, the classes were singing Christmas carols. The spirit of Christmas ahead does not bother the students. Learn more about the choir by contacting Barton at [email protected] ..

Sania Barnes



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