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ART using Brunner’s NovaSim VR simulator

Brunner press release | October 24, 2022

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California-based company Advanced Rotorcraft Technology will use Brunner’s NovaSim virtual reality simulator in the future to demonstrate high-definition flight dynamics models based on their FlightLab software. ART customers and future customers will now have the ability to test and fly different flight models at different model fidelities. Brunner’s NovaSim fills a long-awaited need for ART and its demanding customers in the defense, academic and civilian markets.

The NovaSim VR will allow Advanced Rotorcraft Technology to demonstrate its flight models in a fully immersive experience. Photo by Brunner

“We are proud to work with ART, one of the leaders in rotorcraft modeling and the producer of the world renowned FlightLab software. The partnership with ART shows the full potential of NovaSim VR/MR that only full motion virtual reality simulators will reveal. From Bell407, Airbus H125, UH-60 Black Hawk and emerging eVTOL models, all can now be flown on a single aircraft, which we are very excited about,” said Mario Ackermann, Director of Sales and Marketing at Brunner.

“With the NovaSim VR, at Advanced Rotorcraft Technology, we are able to demonstrate our highly accurate flight models to our current and future customers in a fully immersive experience, both for training and technical development. Now they have the ability to feel the difference in the flight pattern being used. The very smooth behavior of the Motion Platform adds important cues to the pilot and effectively augments the MR/VR visual display,” said Ronald Du Val, President of ART.

The aircraft is now configured as a Bell 407 helicopter and will feature ART’s first B407 physics-based model. Other physics-based models, such as the Airbus H125, UH-60 Black Hawk, customer flight models and eVTOL models should also be implemented and demonstrated. The compact and easily reconfigurable NovaSim VR simulator makes demonstrating flight models more efficient and cost effective, whether in the ART showroom or at national and international events.

NovaSim VR provides a stunning full 360 degree virtual external view, which allows the pilot to fully immerse themselves in the simulated environment. The integration of Varjo’s high-performance “human eye resolution” HMDs with NovaSim’s well-tuned motion algorithms makes training sessions on this remarkable simulator a whole new experience and a great addition to pilot training.

Brunner has many years of experience in the field of virtual and mixed reality simulators. At Brunner, we strive to continuously innovate and improve our products at a high pace in order to meet our customers’ high expectations of our products and services. This cooperation between Brunner and ART is proof that virtual and mixed reality simulators are the way forward and will lead the entire simulation and training industry into an era with safer, greener and more more affordable! This applies not only to large operators, but also to small flight school operators around the world.

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