Particle physics experiments

ACE EDI Events Calendar: Imagining the Future of AI-Augmented Science Experiments: Can We Trust Machines for Discovery?

Through the combination of large experiments, large datasets, and powerful algorithms, we have the opportunity to imagine new paths to improve scientific discovery. For example, artificial intelligence.

(AI) has begun to impact nearly every area of ​​physics – on critical tasks like simulation, analysis, and even decision-making. Looking to the future, there is an opportunity to use AI and related algorithms to further automate the full loop of the scientific method – from hypothesis generation to data acquisition and analysis. Closing the science loop creates opportunities for more efficient planning of experiments and exploration of new physics. However, this leaves us with multiple critical questions to address: how does this affect the role of scientists, who will have access to tools like this, how will we interpret the results of automated science pipelines?

Dr. Nord will discuss the potential of this approach in the context of recent work in cosmology and astronomy, showing advances and challenges in each major element of the scientific method, as well as the roles and responsibilities of scientists in creating tools algorithms that have implications. and uses in society.