Particle physics experiments

7 brainstorming experiences to grow your mind and your business


When thinking about how to grow or improve your business, you might be looking for answers in the wrong places. As soon as you do a Google search, phone a friend, or ask the public, you’re limiting your findings to what’s already out there. Copying so-called competitors, imitating others in your field, or watching documentaries are insignificant compared to the power of your unbridled mind.

Thought experiments imagine a parallel universe. Within each experience, no constraint exists. In a dreamlike state, you can walk around and visualize anything. Physics, biology, space and time can be tailored to suit your needs. Anything that you can imagine can exist in your thought experiment. By letting yourself dream and play with ideas, you might come across something awesome.

95% of a human being’s daily thoughts are exactly the same as the day before. The repetition continues until something changes.

The businesses and solutions that will transform the future are imagined by expansive minds, making revolutionary concepts thought experiments that entrepreneurs can use. Here are seven to try this week.

1. Unlimited resources

Land, labor and capital. Suppose you have each in abundance. At your service is all the space you ask for, countless brilliant team members, and a bottomless pit of money. What would you do? If money wasn’t an issue, capacity wasn’t an issue and anything you imagine could be built to exceptional standards by your team, where would you invest and what would you create?

If your mission was to make an impact on a colossal scale while building the business of your dreams and living the life of movie stars, what decisions would you make? Who would you hire, what plans would you have made? How would you take the absence of limits and create admiration for all?

2. Distortion of time

In this parallel universe, you control time. You have the power to speed up or slow down time and can apply different rules to different topics. Slow down the clock for your pet spaniel so that they live forever, but run for hours on end for your petri dish experiment so you can gauge the long-term effect. Speed ​​up your book reading or learn languages ​​and stop time completely when you need more time to solve a tricky problem.

If you could warp time however you like, what would you do? Where do you need a little extra time and what would you look forward to happening sooner? If you can’t revisit the past, you can keep the present indefinitely. What would you like to keep the same and what would you order in a hurry?

3. Play with the ladder

Imagine you have everything you have now, but multiplied by ten, then a hundred, then a thousand, then ten thousand. If you have a room, imagine you run a hundred. If you have twenty clients, imagine you have twenty thousand. Imagine your profit and loss showing a hundred times the existing income. Do the same for your Instagram followers, website authority, inbound inquiries, and customers.

With your business on this new scale, what are you doing? What is your daily life like and how do you spend your time? What systems fail and what are you doing to fix them? What are you putting in place to maintain this scale indefinitely? What do you like about your new reality?

4. Cloning power

In this thought experiment, you took delivery of a cloning machine. Anything you want can be put into the machine, and a fully functioning replica comes out. You can clone your breakfast, your products, even yourself. You can clone your business partner, every machine you own, and your favorite pair of socks.

If you clone yourself over and over again, what would you do? With three times the capacity, attention and hands, where would you go and who would you meet? Combine that with the limitless resources of the number one thought experiment and imagine what this trio of you could make happen.

5. Magic wand

A magic wand is in your hands and its power is electrifying. This magic wand can solve any problem. After creating perfect solutions, they are put into place. Your trade barriers disappear and the magic of the wand operates to cover up any flaws. Any problem or problem can be gone in an instant, just point and whistle and the obstacle is overcome. You quickly dismiss each challenge before moving on to the next.

With that magic wand in your possession awaiting orders, what do you tell him to do? Where do you point, where swish? What are these things that, if resolved, would clear your path and change your course? Open all the cupboards, go to every room, unwrap every box and find anything that isn’t perfect to fix it in seconds.

6. Infinite technology

In the third thought experiment, the technology knows no bounds. Artificial intelligence has reached its limits and can do anything on demand. 3D printers can create any material to any specification, sensors can detect any change in any metric and run reports that robots analyze. DNA can be tailored to meet any requirement, and robotics can perform any task a human or a program can do, with one hundred percent accuracy.

In this world where technology can create anything your mind can conceive, what would you ask? How would your business adapt to use the power at your fingertips? How could you serve your audience more efficiently, faster, and with better results? Imagine stepping into the matrix and knowing that limits do not exist. Where would you start?

7. Open house

Knock on any door and it will open. Welcome inside any house, any castle, any palace. Dine with anyone who has ever lived in the comfort of their home, while their housekeeper serves you refreshments. Have their ear and their full attention when you ask a question. In the final thought experience, you can access anyone, anywhere. They can be your coach, your mentor, your business partner or your wingman. They graciously accept any role you give them.

If you knew for sure the door would open, which one would you knock on? Who would you visit, what would you ask, what route would you take? Who would you ask for advice, whose second opinion would be the most important? Who would you ask for what favor? In the imaginary dream team of your company, who holds which title? What can you gain from the minds of the people you meet?

Expansive thinkers don’t scroll news sites or seek inspiration from what already exists. They are not limited by the constraints experienced and they are looking for the blue sky, not the blueprints. Find the thought experiment that captures your imagination and have fun. Be certain that the breakthroughs you are looking for exist in your mind and are waiting to be found.



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