Particle physics research

£ 6million in particle physics research grants

Particle physics research at the University of Manchester has received a boost in the form of UK research and innovation grants of over £ 6million.

The money comes from the UKRI’s Science and Technology Facilities Council, which supports particle physics research in the UK, and will be used to fund the University’s particle physics program for three years, as well as to support the University’s participation in a number of major international experiments at CERN. in Geneva and at Fermilab in Chicago.

One of these projects is the Deep underground neutrino experiment (DUNE), hosted by the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory in the United States. This project, currently under construction, will see a beam of neutrinos fired 800 miles (1,300 km) across North America to an underground detector in South Dakota.

The objective of the DUNE experiment is to search for the differences between matter and antimatter, using neutrinos. Finding such a difference could help explain how the universe evolved after the Big Bang.

University researchers are globally involved in this project. Professor Stefan Soldner-Rembold is the Head of the Particle Physics Group in the Department of Physics and Astronomy, as well as spokesperson for DUNE. In this role, Professor Soldner-Rembold leads an international collaboration of more than 1,000 physicists in 30 countries.

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